THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. I have moved my lists feature to a separate sub-site, Trek Collective Lists. For the latest up-to-date lists please see the index pages there.

I maintain quite a lot of lists on Amazon, of Star Trek stuff and otherwise. I do so mainly for personal reference, but thought some of them might be useful as reading lists or guides. Don't forget to check the reading order flow chart page as well, to wrap your head around the interconnects between many of the series listed below.

So here are listings of my Star Trek lists. I make new ones as and when I find it useful to do so, and will add any news I make to this page form now on. They currently grouped into the following categories: Prose series, prose by year, comic series, comic omnibuses, German books, author bibliographies, calendars, games, music and video, starships, figures, decorative/homeware, clothing and apparel, themed selections, and miscellaneous:

Prose series

Prose by year/format

Comic series

Comic omnibus series

German books

Author bibliographies


Music and video

German DVD and bluray 


    Starships, by name/class


        Clothing and apparel

        Themed selections


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