2011 Star Trek publication schedule

The page lists Star Trek publications in 2011, including all Simon and Schuster prose novels and anthologies, IDW comic books, non-fiction books, games, music, and video releases. Not included are toys and collectables - These are however listed monthly on the "Latest Releases" sidebar.

Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire
Starfleet Academy: The Edge
Khan: Ruling in Hell #4
Infestation #1
Infestation Sketchbook
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing.
  • Coverage: Artwork.
  • Notes: A retail incentive book of artwork based on IDW's Infestation crossover; contains several Star Trek based images. Released with two covers, one prominently featuring zombified-McCoy.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com (cover A, cover B).
Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony
Star Trek: Infestation #1
Star Trek: Infestation #2
The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing
Captain's Log omnibus
Star Trek: Franchise Collection

    Indistinguishable From Magic
    Blind Man's Bluff
    Infestation #2
    Khan: Ruling in Hell omnibus
    Countdown #1
    Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock
    Star Trek: The Original Series, The Full Journey
    Triple Movie Collection

        Children of the Storm
        Starfleet Academy: The Gemini Agent
        Khan: Ruling in Hell #1
        • Writers: Scott and David Tipton. Artist: Fabio Mantovani.
        • Publisher: IDW Publishing.
        • Coverage: Announcement and cover.
        • Notes: Reprint of 2010 comic, using a cover originally only available at the New York Comic Con.

        Star Trek Movie Omnibus

        Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Full Journey


          Ships of the Line 2012 Calendar
          Star Trek: The Original Series 2012 Calendar
            Infestation, Volume One
            Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Full Journey

              Cast No Shadow

              Infestation, Volume Two

              Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume One

              Star Trek: Voyager, The Full Journey

              A Choice of Catastrophes
              Star Trek (ongoing) #1
              Star Trek Book of Opposites
              Obsessed With Star Trek
              Talk Now! Learn Klingon
              Fleet Captains
              Star Trek: Enterprise, The Full Journey
              What Judgments Come
              Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within
              Star Trek (ongoing) #2
              Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1
              Star Trek Vault: 40 Years from the Archives
              Premier Edition

              The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm
              Star Trek (ongoing) #3
              Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #2
              Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular

              Movie Universe Box Set
              Klingon Monopoly
              Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions
              Star Trek (ongoing) #4
              Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #3
              The Gorn Crisis

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