Monday 29 April 2013

Latest little ships

Amazon have updated their listing for Running Press' second Star Trek mini kit, model and book release (following from their phaser book and model, which has just come out). The Light-Up Starship Enterprise will be out in September, and looks like this:

In other little ship news, Eaglemoss have emailed early subscribers to Star Trek: The Official Starship Collection, to let them know a new factory has been found to make the model ships for this new part-work magazine. So after several months delay, the magazine will be launching in August. Advanced subscribers will be getting an extra A4 poster when the series gets going again. For more on this, see my previous articles: here, here, here, and here.

If the above ships aren't little enough for you, then perhaps Neca's latest Star Trek miniatures game is more your thing. Coming in August is Attack Wing, and Neca have now announced details of the eight ships that will be released in the first wave of expansions. Those will be:


Unknown said...

I wonder if that's how the light-up Enterprise will actually look, or if it will change for the production version. I would actually prefer it if it stayed like this, as it looks like The Cage Enterprise, and I doubt I'll ever have a representation of it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I agree: the Cage look is cool!

FYI: The Tactics II line is slated to release a Borg Expansion and Tactics III this year. Nice.

Also, T-hunted is showing promos of the HW 1/50 USS Kelvin but we're all wondering if the line got the axe 'cuz some e-tailers like EE have removed the listings. Fingers crossed.

BTW, 8 of 5: glad you're back after the temporary outage!!! We were getting bumped to another (inferior) "Trek Collective"! :)

8of5 said...

It looks like a mock-up to me. I'd be very surprised if this very main-stream targeted gift sort of item went for an obscure take on the Enterprise.

Thanks for the note on the Kelvin Darth, I'll get that up soon!

I'm curious what outage you refer to? That day I was down a while a couple of weeks ago? Or is something else going wrong? What is this other Trek Collective you speak of?!

Anonymous said...

Hi 8 of 5,
I have a batmobile (approx 1/50 scale) from those guys and the preview pic was pretty close to the final product, actually. I guess we'll see. For under $10, I'm not exactly expecting perfection from the Running Press shipyard but a Cage variant would be cool! No one's done one in that scale.

Yes, I was referring to your outage for part of a day a few weeks back. People were freaking out on the boards! Well, actually 2 people. :) Anyhoo, my browser bumped me to this site:
...which is pretty lame, IMHO.

BTW, I got a note from Mattel on their HW forum yesterday: the 1/50 starships line is indeed going forward and they'll have more news "in the next few weeks".
New pics of the Kelvin are here:

It was looking quite dodgy for a while: some retailers pulled their listings and the line is quite late. I predict that the case assortments will change and that we'll get the Kelvin, Excelsior, KBC, and Vengeance earlier than previously announced, if they abbreviate the line's run. Works for me!

But that's just a guess, of course. As is my inclusion of the Vengeance as the "New Ship from ST XII"... but it seems like a no-brainer to me. Like a scene from "Spock's Brain" :)
Cheers mate.

8of5 said...

Thanks Darth. Some of the early pre-order listings for the Hot Wheels ships were so vague I'm not surprised they've had to pull them to reflect whatever the final assortment will be.

And how annoying about that other Trek Collective! I tried getting, but it was taken, that other site didn't exist then though!

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