Tuesday 16 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness domestic trailer, is epic!

Apple have released a new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, presumably the final domestic trailer. Watch it below via the JoBlo Movie Network Youtube channel, or at slightly higher resolution on Apple:

Lots of screencaps and analysis after the jump. Lots for starship lovers in this one, with new looks at the new Klingon Bird of Prey, and of course, the "Evilprise".

So we open with the now quite familiar shot of London, but this time framed in a window:

Cut to Kirk at another window, followed by a montage of familiar shots of the Enterprise bridge and the Nibiru mission, as Pike asks:
You think you can't make mistakes? But the choices you make could get yourself, and everyone under your command, killed.

This bit ends with the bar scene, where Pike tells Kirk:
But I believe in your Jim
We see a new part of the Starfleet HQ building shot, followed by familiar parts of the Harrison attack on the Starfleet meeting, as Harrison declares:
Darkness, is coming.

Over this montage we hear an exchange between Kirk and Admiral Marcus:
Kirk: This could just be the beginning.
Marcus: The beginning of what?
Kirk: All out war.
We then see those mysterious cryogenic pods, the attack in London, and this new part of the starship crash in San Francisco:

We see Harrison apparently walking away from the rainy London attack:

Then at the meeting Kirk makes a request to go after Harrison, and we see Pike react:


We then get a pretty cool 3D scan of Harrison, presumably recorded by surveillance equipment at one of the attacks, which someone is manipulating to examine him for all angles. Note he is named John Harrison, but all the other fields on the scan are marked "unknown"

In the Enterprise's corridors Spock stops Kirk and declares:
I cannot allow you to do this.

We've seen Kirk's reply to this in one of the previous trailers, and it comes later in this one too:
I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, I only know what I can do.
Then we see Harrison from the aerial fight with Spock, McCoy talking to Kirk in the Starfleet hanger, and the shuttle to the Enterprise scenes, before on the bridge Kirk addresses his crew:
Let's go get this son of a bitch

Note that shot of Kirk seems to have been flipped, his Starfleet badge is the wrong way round on the wrong side.

The Enterprise warps away from starbase, and then we see a new shot of her in space:

As Kirk peers out the viewscreen window we here Harrison tell him:
You were a pawn Kirk.

Then as we see a couple of reaction shots of Kirk and Uhura (the latter in her wet suit uniform so probably from earlier in the film), we hear a member of the crew report:
Sir, there's a ship reading right for us.

Then over a shot of Scotty looking out a small window, Harrison declares:
You can't even guarantee the safety of your own crew.

Then this trailer starts to get really interesting! For the first time we get a really good look at the other Starfleet ship, which until we get a proper name for it I shall be referring to as the "Evilprise". The Evilprise drops out of warp right in front of the Enterprise, dwarfing her:


We see a reaction shot of Spock on the bridge, and then Harrison asks his familiar:
Now, shall we begin?

The Evilprise then takes aim at the Enterprise with massive cannons which fold out of its hull at the Enterprise (a bit Narada-esque maybe? I'm thinking Section 31's secret Klingon-squashing starship):


Kirk then turns to adress his crew, stating simply:
I'm sorry.

We then see the Enterprise battling the Evilprise, possibly above the moon. Note the Evilprise seems to have gaps designed into its hull. We also see the corridor explosion in the Enterprise here.

We then get a montage of shots from the Qo'noS mission, as Klingons rappel out of their Bird of Prey, and appear to face Harrison:


We see lots of familiar shots from the Klingon sequence, including the small saucer ship Kirk and co. use, and Uhura's out-numbered, out-gunned speech. Over part we get a couple of title cards (edited together here):

Then there are lots more familiar bits, including the volcano mission, and the aerial fight between Harrison and Spock, including this shot of Harrison jumping onto one of the transport vehicles:

Then we see Scotty in distress, as her and Kirk discuss "the ship", and make a dash through her tilting corridors:
Scotty: The ship's dead sir, she's gone.
Kirk: No she's not.

Kirk on the bridge:

The Enterprise rises from the Nibiru ocean, and Harrison fights Spock above San Francisco:

Another collection of familiar shots of follows, including see Harrison's fighter attacking the Starfleet meeting zipping away:

We see Scotty looking up at something on the Enterprise, as Kirk continues running somewhere:

Then we get shots of Harrison, Kirk, and Carol Marcus, as Harrison declares:
No ship should go down without her captain.

Another familiar shot of Spock in San Francisco, and then more of the Enterprise battling the Evilprise, with the Evilprise firing a big sphere thing that causes a massive explosion:


Then the final shot is Kirk, in the midst of the attack on the Starfleet meeting, with a Pike voiceover:
I believe in you Jim.

Overall this trailer seems to emphasis Kirk's role in this story. If the trailer reflects the film's plot accurately, then Into Darkness would seem to be about the relationships Kirk and Harrison have with Starfleet; their interpretations of what Starfleet has been doing. This seems to play out in the battle between the two characters, and by extension, the battle between their two ships.

There's probably a lot more going on than that simple conflict though, I'm still not convinced Harrison if even the real bad-guy of the piece! My loose idea of what the film is about is: Unethical branch of Starfleet (Section 31 by motive if not named), uses Narada-tech to build the Evilprise, and builds upon Eugenics War tech to make Harrison and other super soldiers. Harrison is not happy to be used and goes all, grr Starfleet.

PS. Find out everything you need to know about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.


Unknown said...

I...I...I'm almost speechless after watching this trailer. So much...unexpected bits. I'm really liking the look of the nuTrek Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Looks like a plausible predecessor to the Bird-of-Prey we all know and love from the Prime Universe. That other ship is certainly...interesting. The saucer and body kind of have a Enterprise-D-like outline to them...from the side anyways.

With all this awesome in the movie, it's too bad Hasbro's only doing Kre-O and Figher Pods...

8of5 said...

I can't say I really Like the new BoP, but I don't actively dislike it either. It's interesting, they seem to be repurposing it somewhat, it looks more like a helicopter/troop deployment thing going on in that particular scene. And it looks curiously insect like from that angle.

After seeing the prime-Kre-O the line is growing on me a little - I need that Andorian!

Peter Markowski said...

has anyone else noticed, there's no Chekov in this trailer?

8of5 said...

Sure we've seen him running around in at least one of them...

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