Saturday 30 January 2010

New Aventine image!

Mark Rademaker, Ships of the Line artist and USS Aventine designer, was kind enough to send me an image to release today. It's a new shot of the Aventine, which he describes as a "rough render of the Aventine that I did before I applied the final paintjob. I filtered it to give it a bit of a "comic" style look." He also noted that, as work will commence on the more refined version of the design soon (ahead of it appearing the cover of Zero Sum Game), that this will be the last image released of the Mark I version! Enjoy:

Updated book schedule, plus new covers and info.

In the wake of the new movie novel cancellations Pocket Books found themselves with a big hole in their schedule for this year, they have now announced, via TrekMovie, what this year's schedule looks like now they've found some books to plug the hole (I've modified TrekMovie's estimated release street dates to the normal offical months):

-TOS: Inception, by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison
-NF: Treason, by Peter David (mass market paperback reprint)
-Seven Deadly Sins, edited by Margaret Clark (new trade paperback)
-TOS: Unspoken Truth, by Margaret Wander Bonanno
-STO: The Needs of the Many, by Michael A. Martin
-TOS: The Children of Kings, by David Stern
-COE: Out of the Cocoon, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido (trade paperback omnibus)
-COE: What's Past, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido (trade paperback omnibus)
-Star Trek, by Alan Dean Foster (mass market paperback reprint)
-TNG: Nightshade, by Laurell K. Hamilton (mass market reprint)
-Titan: Typhon Pact #1: Seize the Fire, by Michael A. Martin
-Aventine: Typhon Pact #2: Zero Sum Game, by David Mack
-Myriad Universes: Shattered Light (new trade paperback)
-DS9: Typhon Pact #3: The Rough Beasts of Empire, by Michael A. Martin*
-TNG: Typhon Pact #4: Paths of Disharmony, by Dayton Ward

I think the authorship for The Rough Beasts of Empire must be a typo, as David R. George III, who was previously announced as writing it, has already talked about it a fair bit. I also think the dates for Typhon Pact must be a bit jumbled; it was originally announced as October to January, so it has apparently been pushed back a month, which oddly makes the hole in the monthly mass market schedule worse! This schedule also lists two books in November and no mass market in December, so I think Typhon Pact #2 will probably actually come out in December not November. But the whole thing seems a mess, by pushing Typhon Pact back a month the two new mass market books announced only fill one month in the gap, meaning we don’t get any mass markets from June-August, and indeed no book of any sort in June. I find this especially odd when using the two new mass market reprints two months could have been filled, bring Typhon Pact forward a month couple have filled in a third slot, and delaying one of the two mass markets in April gives you four; hey presto no gap in the mass market schedule! But unless this schedule is going to change that's not what they've done at all...

The other thing of note here is the random 90s TNG book reprint. But not so random it turns out, Laurell K. Hamilton is apparently a popular fantasy writer now, so it seems Pocket are banking on her name to sell this.

Also confirmed is that we wont get a new New Frontier novel this year as previously indicated.

In addition to the basic schedule we also have some new covers and info:

Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many, will apparently "be told as a series of personal narratives of tales leading up to the setting for the Star Trek Online game, all tied together by Jake Sisko", and it's cover looks like this:And a colour cover for Unspoken Truth:

Star Trek Online updates on the way already!

Star Trek Online is just about to start, but they're already annoucing the first round of (free) updates, including new "episodes" and other new content:

-Collateral Damage - Help save civilians caught in a battle between the Borg and Undine.
-Recovery - In this follow-up to Collateral Damage, Rescue colonists infected by the Borg virus and fight Undine determined to destroy them!
-State of Q - Q transports you back in time to do him a special favor.
-Infected - Investigate a federation station that Starfleet has lost contact with.
-The Cure - A planet has been completely taken over by the Borg. Fight them for control of the planet.
-Khitomer Accord - Travel back in time and uncover and participate in the events that led to the release of old Borg you encountered in the Tutorial Episode.
-Into the Hive - Track down a missing Starfleet captain and come face to face with the new Borg Queen.

Other bits:
-Klingon Fleet Actions - Form up with your closest friends and do battle in large engagements.
-A New Klingon Ship - You asked for it, we made it: A Tier 2 Klingon Battle Cruiser.
-Klingon Star Clusters - Seek out new life and civilizations ... and subjugate them! Additional PvE content for the Klingon faction.
-Federation vs. Federation PvP - Practice against your allies before engaging your enemies.
-New Ground Maps - We'll be adding a new Ground Assault PvP map, as well as a new ground Fleet Action.
-More IP Locations - Check out Rura Penthe and our whole solar system, from Mercury to Pluto.

Full details on the Star Trek Online website.

Tuesday 26 January 2010

The Children of Kings blurb

The Simon and Schuster website has been updated with a new blurb for the Pike-era novel The Children of Kings, it goes like this:

A distress call goes out from a Federation outpost near the Klingon border. The U.S.S. Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, responds. Starbase 18 lies in ruin. There are no survivors. And there is no clue as to who is responsible for the attack, until Captain Pike’s brilliant science officer discovers a means of retrieving parts of the station’s log.Lieutenant Spock has detected signs of a unique energy signature,one that he believes is Klingon. There are unsubstantiated reports that the Klingon Empire has made a technological leap forward and created a cloaking device—code-named Black Snow Seven—that can shield their ships from even the most advanced sensors. The destruction of the base and the unique energy signaturethat remains prove that the Empire has succeeded.

For generations the Orions have been known as pirates,operating at the margins, outside of legal conventions. A proudand powerful race, the Orions were once a major force in the sector, and they have been using the tension between the KlingonEmpire and the Federation to rebuild their power. Captain Pike is charged with trying to foster cooperation between the Orions and the Federation. A distress call from an Orion vessel offers him the perfect opportunity. But the Orion ship lies in disputed space long claimed by the Klingon Empire, and crossing it could be the spark that sets off an interstellar war.

Thanks to TrekBBS user DarkHorizon for pointing it out.

Ghosts #3 preview

Comics Continuum have posted a six-page preview of this week's TNG: Ghosts issue 3. Here's one page, see the rest at Comics Continuum:

Blue girl attacks McCoy

On his blog Chris Ryall has posted an interior page from the first issue, and cover for the second issue, of John Byrne's Frontier Doctor series. Sexy Andorian eh? I'm sold!On his forums John Byrne has also decribed a series he recently proposed to IDW: "I've also thought it might be fun to do a 12 part maxi-series, with each issue set aboard a different C[onstitution]-Class starship. Perhaps with some connective "theme". (First thought would be the Klingon/Romulan War, since that has been established in official Trek lore -- but it would also happen after SCHISM, and by the time of that series about half the C-Class starships had been blowed up real good! Not sure a possible series would have as much oomph with fewer ships!)"

Star Trek + Mickey Mouse + The Fly = ??

These, or that's the vibe I get from these bizarre big eared "Be@rbrick" Star Trek figures from Japan:Found via Toy News International.

Another Rademaker close up

On his blog Mark Rademaker has posted a second rather abstract preview of his entry into next year's Ships of the Line calendar, this time he advises viewers not to break out "neck[s]" (hint hint)

Cardassians Online

Massively and TrekMovie has posted released from the Star Trek Online team describing the Cardassians in the game. The information is in the same style as that presented on the Online website's factions page, though that page itself hasn't been updated yet.

TrekMovie also report
that there is to be a Star Trek Online promotion with Del Taco, in which you'll be able to get Star Trek design cups, codes to earn free time in the gamer, and even a "pet" shuttle craft!

The Wrath of DeCandido

Unreality SF has posted one of its typically excellent author interviews, this time with Keith R.A. DeCandido. Amongst the discussion on DeCandido's work in Star Trek and beyond we get a neat summary of his Klingon story in the forthcoming Seven Deadly Sins anthology:

"In the 23rd century, the workers in a mine engage in civil unrest after two murders,” says Keith, giving us a short teaser for the story. “A QuchHa' (no forehead ridges) is murdered, but it's ruled an accident with little investigation; in retaliation, the HemQuch (with forehead ridges) who likely killed the QuchHa' is also murdered, but his killer is condemned to death. This leads to riots and violence beyond the capaibility of the mine supervisor and his security chief to handle, so the Klingon Defense Force sends in three QuchHa' captains to deal with it: Kor, Kang, and Koloth."

The article also makes a brief mention that DeCandido has something new coming from IDW that has yet to be announced, and desires to do more. (Could this finally be the TNG: Redshirts series announced a little early in the end matter of Echoes and Refractions? UPDATE: As pointed out in the comment below, DeCandido lists a one-shot for June on his website, so maybe an issue of Captain's Log?)

IDW April

Comic Newsi have posted IDW's solicitations for April, which include three Star Trek titles:

Captain's Log: Harriman
Written by Marc Guggenheim, art by Andrew Currie
Captain John Harriman is the commander of the USS Enterprise B. He is also the man many hold responsible for the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of James Tiberius Kirk, the renowned Starfleet captain by whom all others are judged. How does a man recover from killing a legend? Find out in this very special issue! Guest starring Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.Star Trek Movie Adaptation #3
Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, story by Alex Kurtzman & Robert Orci, art by David Messina
JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci present the official comics adaptation of their blockbuster film STAR TREK! The creative team behind the best-selling STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN returns to continue the story as Kirk and Spock meet for the first time at Starfleet Academy! Don’t miss this exclusive mini-series, which includes scenes not included in the film!Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor #1
Written and illustrated by John Byrne
Space, the final frontier… and on that frontier and beyond, humans and aliens alike need medical care. Enter Leonard McCoy, Doctor of Space Medicine, late of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE… his first assignment: save the human colonists from a mysterious plague on a distant world whose only native lifeform is a vast and suddenly hostile jungle. Shipped with a special variant Byrne “gag” cover!

Monday 18 January 2010

Frontier Doctor #2 page

On his forums, John Byrne has posted a page from the second issue of his Frontier Doctor series, this one guest starring Scotty!:

Fool's Gold #2 preview

TrekMovie have posted a five-page preview of this week's second issue in the Fool's Gold series. Here's a page (see the rest on TrekMovie):

Friday 15 January 2010

Original Star Trek Trilogy Special Edition

Star Trek: The Special Edition; digitally remastered, the original trilogy as you've never seen it before! But wait, I've not just got Star Trek and Star Wars confused: Amazon has a listing up for Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy, a new omnibus coming in May which will feature the comic book adaptations of The Wrath of Khan, The Search For Spock, and The Voyage Home. And the latter two have been "digitally re-mastered and re-colored" (Khan is shiney and new anyway). Neat!

New movie tie-in novels cancelled

Or more optimistically are put on hold until some future time (if ever) when the new universe is more developed. TrekMovie got this statement from Pocket:

"With last summer’s blockbuster STAR TREK movie, JJ Abrams created a new vibrant, layered version of the Star Trek universe. After careful consideration, we decided to hold off on telling new stories while JJ and his team continue to develop his vision."

All four novels due to come out this summer are written and were in the editorial stages. Roberto Orci has already commented on TrekMovie that he had nothing to do with this change in policy, but the internet is already speculating on Pocket's, Paramount/CBS's, and Bad Robot's possible motivations and involvements.

Aside from wondering why exactly this has happened it also raises the question of what (if anything) will now fill a four month hole in the schedule at rather short notice. The Typhon Pact series is due to start after when these books were meant to appear, could that be brought forward? Perhaps slightly, to lessen the gap, but surely it wont be possible to rush them ahead enough to fill it completely. TrekBBS user DarkHorizon has already spotted there are three new trade paperbacks listed for summer release now on Simon and Schusters website; the final two SCE omnibuses, Out of the Cocoon and What's Past, and something titled "Starfleet Academy Untitled Paperback #1", which seems to be listed as a childrens’ book, leading to speculation it might be an omnibus of some of the old young adult Starfleet Academy series (UPDATE: That last one has now vanished!). However trade paperback relases are normally seperate from the regular monthly mass market paperback releases, so this not be releated at all.

At any rate we've lost four new novels, and there's no new stories coming out of the alternate reality for a long time to come. *sigh*

Another gigaton of Online stuff!

Lets start with, the results of the naming competition, the three ships are now known as:
Emissary class
Dervish class
Destiny class
And then, some videos:
The Star Trek Online website has been updated with various bits. Including:

Subscription fees at last, with options for recurring billing every one, three or six months, plus special offers now for a year and lifetime memberships. (See them all here)

There's a new factions page, with Federation and Klingon reports on either empire. And perhapes notably currently inactive logos for the Cardassians and Romulans.

And updates to their starships listing. Most of the old pages are gone, there are only two starship profiles working now, the Discovery class, and the new Cerberus class (a sort fo small Prometheus without multi vector assault mode):

Ships of the Line goes abstract!

Or at least close up sneak peaks from Mark Rademaker do. Here's his first peak at his contribution to next years calendar (from his blog):

Covers and blurbs for forthcoming prose

Between Amazon and Simon and Schuster there are a number of new and/or now-in-colour covers (including the supurb Seven Deadly Sins cover) for books coming up in the next few months, plus a new blurb or two:

Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins delineate the path to a person’s downfall, the surest way to achieve eternal damnation.

But there is a way out, a way to reclaim salvation: blame it on the demons—taunting you, daring you to embrace these sins—and you shall be free. The painful truth is that these impulses live inside all of us, inside all sentient beings.

But alas, one person’s sin may be another being’s virtue.

The pride of the Romulan Empire is laid bare in “The First Peer,” by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. A Ferengi is measured by his acquisition of profit. “Reservoir Ferengi,” by David A.McIntee, depicts the greed that drives that need. The Cardassians live in a resource-poor system, surrounded by neighbors who have much more. The envy at the heart of Cardassian drive is “The Slow Knife,” by James Swallow. The Klingons have tried since the time of Kahless to harness their wrath with an honor code, but they haven’t done so, as evidenced in “The Unhappy Ones,”by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Humans’ darkest impulses run free in the Mirror Universe. “Freedom Angst,” by Britta Burdett Dennison, illustrates the lust that drives many there. The Borg’s desire to add to their perfection is gluttonous and deadly in “Revenant,”by Marc D. Giller. To be a Pakled is to live to up to the ideal of sloth in “Work Is Hard,” by Greg Cox.

As man expands beyond explored space, the need to find a way to make inhospitable planets hospitable grows greater. One young biologist, Carol Marcus, has a project that she is convinced can reshape planets. She puts together a team of young, committed scientists who dare to dream as she does: of a Federation remade so hunger is eradicated, where every world can be reshaped into a paradise. The belief that all things are possible, that man can strive to conquer space not with force but with science, is shared by James Kirk, a young Starfleet officer and her lover.

Leila Kalomi, a renowned botanist, is looking for a new direction. After hearing about Marcus's project, she applies for a position. She finds Carol's passion contagious, and a chance encounter with the Enterprise's science officer, Spock, convinces her to join Project: Inception.

Four people just trying to find the balance between their careers and their personal lives, trying to make the right choice not just for themselves but for the betterment of all mankind. The choices they make will rewrite the history of the Federation and change forever how man explores space.

The Children of Kings
(Back to it's initial title after briefly being called To Thine Own Self a couple of catalogues ago)

Frontier Doctor page

On his forums John Byrne has posted a page from the first issue of his forthcoming Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor series. Here it be:

New movie II release date

Variety has reported the next new movie now has a release date: 29th June 2012.

Captain's Log: Sulu preview posted a five-page preview of this week's first issue in the Captain's Log series. Here's one page (you can see the rest on TrekMovie):

Additionally Scott Tipton (the writer of the issue), posted another page on his website Comics 101.

Friday 8 January 2010

Covers and blurbs for new-movie books

The latest catalogue from Simon and Schuster gives us some blurbs and early cover designs for this year's batch of new movie continuity novels. Christopher L Bennett and David Mack have already commented on the TrekBBS that the blurbs for their books are not particularly accurate, and Greg Cox has noted the title of his book is The Hazard of Concealing (rather than Hazards).

Refugees, by Alan Dean Foster
In this new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the Star Trek movie tie-in, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise must decide if a group of refugees are actually a menace—or just misunderstood.

When a strange distress call comes in and Kirk orders the Enterprise to answer it, they encounter a large colony ship of refugees under attack. Unable to convince the Dre’kalk to cease fire, Kirk engages them and drives off their ships. The refugees—the Perenores, a race of furry bisymmetrical people—are starving, battered, and many are injured. Their ship wandered off course and their fuel and food is running out, so Kirk and the crew find a place for these displaced refugees. But just two months later, the Barran are threatening the Federation with war for protecting the Perenore menace. But Kirk and Spock are puzzled, the Perenores are peaceful people, what could have happened?
Seek a Newer World, by Christopher L. Bennett
When the Enterprise is outnumbered and under attack, the crew manages to escape and discovers an entire hidden civilization in this exciting new original Star Trek novel.

Stung by Nero’s escape, the Klingons are looking to salvage their pride by besting the ship that took him down: Enterprise. Command has assigned Kirk to observe and watch how the new captain performs his duties. A boring expedition becomes a fight for survival as the Klingons attack, outnumber, and outflank the young captain and his Enterprise crew. But just as the Enterprise escapes, the crew comes across an entire civilization of worlds within worlds hidden in a radiation belt of a large planet. A civilization so powerful that they can create all this? Kirk wonders just what are they hiding from and will do whatever it takes to find out.
More Beautiful Than Death, by David Mack
An all-new adventure featuring the new Enterprise crew on a mission to broker a Federation trade agreement, from critically acclaimed Star Trek author David Mack.

Captain Kirk leads the crew of the Enterprise on a mission to Akiron, a world known for its rich dilithium deposits and isolationist government. Aboard is Spock’s father, Ambassador Sarek, who is hoping to set up a trade agreement for the Federation with the planet. Pleased that the Federation has entrusted him with this mission, Kirk pledges everyone on Enterprise will grant the ambassador their full cooperation. Spock is happy to see his father and his Vulcan staff putting the destruction of their world behind them. But Sarek, however, has a secondary agenda while on board Enterprise….
The Hazards of Concealing, by Greg Cox
An all-new adventure featuring the new Enterprise crew—from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox.

The events of the recent movie have left one important loose end: the elder Spock from the 24th century. His knowledge of both technology and future events makes him one of the most important strategic assets in the galaxy. Starfleet Command wants Ambassador Spock to rejoin Starfleet and share that information with them, but Spock is reluctant to interfere with the unfolding of the new timeline. Will he be able to escape a sinister plan wrought by the enemies of the Federation, or will their quest to exploit Spock’s wisdom succeed, with disastrous consequences?

NX update

On his blog Doug Drexler has posted the first preview image from to 2011 (!) Ships of the Line calendar, a refitted Enterprise NX-01:

Froniter Doctor covers, now in colour!

On his blog, Chris Ryall has posted the coloured version of John Byrne's retail incentive cover for the first issue of Frontier Doctor:And on his forums Byrne has posted the colour work for the second issue retail incentive:Ryall also posted a slightly updated version of the main cover for the first issue:

Friday 1 January 2010

The future of model starships is under water!

Check out these insanely cool custom made Star Trek submarines from Japan *stares*:

Thanks to TrekMovie for pointing them out.

Next Mirror Universe book might be called...

Rise Like Lions, according the end matter of The Sorrows of Empire (so revealed on the TrekBBS). However that mention is a little premature as David Mack has commented he's not yet got the project through the apporvals stage yet. But fingers crossed it makes it, I want to see the Memory Omega story played out!

Frontier Doctor retail incentive covers

John Byrne and Chris Ryall have unveiled Byrne's retail incentive covers for his forthcoming Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor series:

Boldly going ...naked!

Here's a little something that's being going round the web recently (though apparently first appear back in June), naked trekkies! From the Fremont Solstice Parade (whatever that might be):

You can see the uncensored version, here on flickr. Where you can also search for more of these bold frontiersmen!

And on the theme of skin-tight Star Trek uniforms, check out the new wetsuits available form

Name that ship, and that one, and that one too!

Star Trek Online has launched a competition to name three Federation ships from the game; a cruiser, an escort, and a science vessel. All you have to do is sign up their site and add your name suggestions, there's about a week left to do so, and you could win a poster! (and a copy of game). Here are the three ships:

Find Star Trek comics, toys, statues, and collectibles at!