Monday 8 April 2013

New Into Darkness poster

SFX has revealed the third poster for Star Trek Into Darkness, along side an announcement you can now pre-book tickets in the UK. According to the German Star Trek books Facebook page this poster is a specific UK version. It's quite similar to the second poster, using the same foreground element with John Harrison, but swaps out the action-movie gun wielding trio of characters behind for a nice view of London in flames. It also adds the tag-line, "Earth Will Fall"

Also check out the cast-photo from Empire Magazine, now without all the titles on top:

TrekMovie also report news of the world premier. It will take place in Australia on 23r of April. Empire in Australia have a competition to win tickets to the premier. Which comes with another image to promote it:

There are also some new TV adverts. Three so far, released in German. No new footage, just various edits of what we've seen in the longer trailers. All three are after the jump if you're curious:

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