Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Enterprise zooms into Bye Bye Robot's latest poster

Bye Bye Robot has revealed its latest Star Trek poster, this time featuring the TOS USS Enterprise. This is the second retro starship design from Mark Breyer, and it sounds like the next in an ongoing series from what Bye Bye Robot's Charity Wood told
His roster of ships is shaping up into a formidable armada. With this current U.S.S. Enterprise, his last S.S. Botany Bay, and the ships I know he’s working on for his future prints, there will be enough spacefaring might to begin an intergalactic hall of fame. also suggest Breyer drew inspiration from "mid-to-late-1900s book-cover art". Although from the world of Star Trek cover art it seems surprisingly similar to Lou Feck's cover for Star Trek 6, James Blish's 1972 anthology of episode novelizations. The planetscape perhaps has more in common with Jerry Vanderstelt's more recent, but retro styled, cover of Constellations. It is very much in the aesthetic of Breyer's previous Botany Bay poster too:

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