Friday 26 April 2013

First look at TNG Season Four blurays

With the screenings of The Best of Both Worlds tonight, and the release of that feature-length story alongside the TNG Season Three boxset imminent, CBS Home Entertainment are ready to starting drumming up interesting in the next chapter, and so have released this trailer for TNG Season Four on bluray:

TrekCore have also released the cover art for the set, which they expect to be released in July:

Additionally TrekCore report there will be a standalone feature-length release of the end of season cliffhanger, Redemption, in a similar style to The Best of Both Worlds.

In other home video news: A little while ago, I reported that the prime timeline films were being reissued in a new boxset in Germany called the Stardate Collection. It now appears that reissue is coming to the UK as well, although the UK version is on bluray, while the German is on DVD. The UK version uses the same basic artwork, but in blue and white colours, rather than red and black:


Back in German, have recently added listings for even more re-issues, this time in the form of half-season DVD boxsets for TOS, TNG, and Enterprise. All are expected in June.

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