Saturday 6 April 2013

Lots of game-play footage from Star Trek: The Video Game

TrekCore have posted four videos of game-play footage from Star Trek: The Video Game, giving us a great idea of the different things we'll have to get up to in the course of the game, and lots of samples of the voice acting, music, and cut-scenes. As someone who isn't much of a gamer, these clips have made me far more excited about this game than anything we've seen previously; there are lots characters moments and story here, which appeal to me purely as a trekkie looking for more Star Trek stories.

Several of these scenes are ones that have been previewed to some extent already, but there is lots of new footage too; plus seeing them in longer form obviously tells us a lot more. Which also means lots of spoilers!

In this first one Spock find a route through a blocked passageway, only to come face-to-face with a big Gorn. Excellent TOS/classic sci-fi serial inspired music follows as Kirk and Spock fight it off:

In this one Kirk and Spock fight more Gorn, then find themselves in aerial combat before crashing back down to earth. Then Spock has to help Kirk to a medical bay and repair his broken leg; one of the not-fighty little tasks in the game:

This next clip is several different scenes, all featuring ships. It's starts with Kirk bickering with Scotty while trying to call in an air-strike from the Enterprise (which is pretty spectacular). We then see the space battle mode with the Enterprise fighting off Gorn ships. Then there's a space dive while the Enterprise is trapped in some sort of energy field (almost looks like a Tholian web, but coming from Gorn ships), some great Kirk/Spock moments in this bit. Then we have a shuttle crashing on a Gorn planet, prompting a brilliant McCoy scene, before Kirk and Spock go base jumping into a canyon (their space suits apparently using forcefields to create a wingsuit):

Finally we have Kirk and Spock chasing a Gorn through the seemingly endless corridors of the Enterprise. Plus a nasty little robot thing jabbing a redshirt:

In other Star Trek: The Video Game news, Star have posted the latest Gorn cast introduction. This time we meet the "guardian":

The Gorn Guardian is considered the "royal guard" of the Gorn and is essentially a melee-based attack type that carries a large energy axe, dealing medium damage with a swiping attack. The Guardian is equivalent to the Warrior in health, but also has the ability to generate a shield from his energy axe. Guardians are more evolved than the Initiate and Warrior, spending more time standing upright on their hind legs. Although they tend to slouch down while moving, Guardian attacks are made from an upright stance.
For a closer look at the new Gorn, check out this scary close-up, posted on the game's twitter. Which alas confirms they've not got compound eyes (or this one doesn't at least):

PS. Find out everything you need to know about Star Trek: The Video Game, and everything else about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.

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