Thursday 31 October 2019

Star Trek matte paintings at auction give us a close look at alien cities

Heritage Auctions are about to have an auction of movie posters, and among the numerous lots there are several original pieces of matte painting art, mostly from Star Trek productions!

These give us a great look at several alien worlds, showing wider fields of view than what ended up on screen, and getting to see the artwork in fantastic detail. Continue below to check them out:

Sunday 27 October 2019

Wild Bangaran launch TNG costume inspired wunic and dresses

Wild Bangarang have just launched a new series of Star Trek fashion pieces in their ongoing Trek-wear range. Their latest releases include wunics, dresses, and leggings, this time all TNG inspired. Continue below to check them out.

New to their Star Trek offering are a couple wunics (hooded tunics), both putting a cool twist on a classic Star Trek; you can choose from either a TNG command uniform, or Klingon armour:

Friday 25 October 2019

Trek or Treat T-shirts and other seasonal Treks

It's that spooky time of year when Star Trek stuff gets a scary twist. This year that means lots of Halloween themed T-shirts! Continue below to check out those, plus a few other seasonal twists on Star Trek stuff:

Gold Bubble Clothing have slipped out of their usual offerings of dresses for this cute "Trek or Treat" design featuring tribbles in halloween costumes. Of course we're now well aware of the dangers of an out of control tribble colony, so wear with caution!

Thursday 17 October 2019

Picard bluray collection comic book preview

Just released is the new TNG highlight bluray set, the Picard Movie and TV Collection, which is basically the TNG movies, plus a couple of TV two-parters (see previous report for full details). Included in this set is a brand new and exclusive comic from IDW, Sky's the Limit.

The book is written by Thomas Zahler, with art by Carlos Nieto, and colourist Charlie Kirchoff. To try and tempt us have released a short excerpt, which features Picard playing poke (indicating a post-All Good Things... setting), and a Maquis raider. What likes ahead? Find out more below:

Star Trek characters Handmade by Robots

Star Trek has joined The Coop's new Handmade by Robots range of vinyl figures, with Kirk and Spock the first Trek characters to join the collection. These figurines, about 6x4.5x5.5 inches are apparently inspired by, and designed in the style of, Japanese Amigurumi; small, knit or crocheted stuffed toys - Although they are in-fact solid vinyl models. Entertainment Earth currently have these up for pre-order, and expect a November release. Continue below to check them out:

Thursday 10 October 2019

Get Star Treking, with the latest Star Trek shoes and socks

There's a surprising abundance of Star Trek shoes and socks of late, with creative designs spanning TNG, TOS, and Discovery. Continue below to check the latest Trek-footware:

Perhaps the most striking designs come from EMP, who have gone all out with their Star Trek sneaker designs, both based on TNG. First up, here we have the Picard sneaker, inspired by his red and black accented TV-era uniform, complete with embroidered combadge on one side, and a row of rank pips which line up nicely with the upper-most lace hole.

Find Star Trek comics, toys, statues, and collectibles at!