Monday 8 April 2013

The Rise of the Federation continues!

Image from Federation: The First 150 Years.
Good news everyone, with the release of the first post-Romulan War Enterprise novel, Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures, still a few months away, and with that book not even having a cover yet, Christopher L. Bennett has announced he is already at work on the next book in the series! In fact he was asked to write it before work had even been finished on A Choice of Futures!

It's not got a date yet, but Bennett expects Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel will find its way to us early next year. With the first book in this new relaunch not yet out, Bennett won't be giving to much away, but here's what he has to say about the next book, at this stage:
Tower of Babel will move the story of the Federation’s early years forward into 2164, and the title offers a hint about its subject matter. I can’t tease much about it yet, since there’s a lot about Book 1 that hasn’t even been publicized yet. But it will continue to develop the main story and character threads of Book 1 and will add some new ones, both following up on Enterprise and laying the groundwork for the world of The Original Series, and featuring more exploration of new worlds (at least, new to the characters, and not well-explored in canon or literature to date) than I managed to fit into Book 1.
After the series seemed almost to have been brought to definite end in To Brave the Storm, I'm so pleased to see Enterprise getting another go. It seems generally to be a great time to be an Enterprise fan, or to be getting into Enterprise, right now too: A Choice of Futures coming out soon, the series coming out on bluray, lots of love for it in the general prime non-fiction books like Federation: The First 150 Years, and Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary, and even new toys for the first time in years with Archer and a Xindi in the next wave of Minimates, and the new NX refit model kit. Has Enterprise finally stepped up form the unloved step-child to being embraced as a really important part of the Star Trek world? I certainly hope so.

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