Saturday 28 February 2009

New book blurbs

TrekBBS user JD found some new blurbs on Amazon, and in subsequent discussion author Dayton Ward provided the final blurb for Vanguard: Open Secrets. Here are those blurbs:

Vanguard: Open Secrets
The Taurus Reach is in turmoil.

With tensions mounting between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Ambassador Jetanien works frantically on Starbase Vanguard to halt the escalation toward war. Commodore Diego Reyes, the station's former commander, awaits trial for treason, while the shattered mind of his intelligence officer, T'Prynn, becomes the battlefield in a fight for her very life.

But even as matters deteriorate, the discoveries made in the Taurus Reach have attracted one of the Federation's most promising scientific minds: Dr. Carol Marcus believes she is close to solving a puzzle that will transform her life's work. Meanwhile, an unexpected defection brings a new perspective to the investigation, and Vanguard's Lieutenant Ming Xiong is confronted with an artifact that could be the key to decoding the Taurus Meta-Genome.

With Operation: Vanguard teetering between its greatest breakthrough and a conflict that could engulf two quadrants, its future may depend on the man Starfleet has selected to replace Reyes as base commander: Admiral Heihachiro Nogura.
TNG: Losing the Peace
Fortune has smiled on Lieutenant Jasminder Choudhury, chief of security on the USS Enterprise. She has survived. But her homeworld, Deneva, one of the planets targeted in the massive Borg invasion, has not. The entire surface has been wiped clean, killing anyone who was not evacuated in time and rendering the planet uninhabitable. She does not even know whether her family is among the displaced -- or are they gone forever? All across the galaxy similar stories are being repeated. Hundreds of thousands of refugees haunt the spaceways, seeking comfort, looking for some place safe, somewhere, anywhere to find solace. For the first time in generations, citizens of the Federation know want, uncertainty and fear. Bloodied yet unbowed, the Federation stands on the edge of a precipice. As he battles to rescue the displaced and the desperate, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is forced to wonder if those who can win a war well can rarely make a good peace.
TOS: Troublesome Minds
First contact becomes an interstellar incident when the Starship Enterprise responds to a distress call from an unknown ship and saves the life of a man left to die by his own people. Berlis, a member of a telepathic species calling themselves the Isitri, claims not to know why those from his homeworld would want him dead. Captain James T. Kirk wants to believe him, but the damage is done: the Enterprise can neither leave the stranger to die nor turn him over to those who would kill him. Berlis seems harmless, but his people say he cannot live among them: his telepathy is so strong that their wills are subsumed to his. The same fear that compels the Isitri to seek the death of one of their own drives the neighbouring Odib people towards genocide. For every time an 'alpha mind' dominates the Isitri, the Odib pay the price in their own blood. With Spock becoming erratic under Berlis's influence, and the Isitri begging Kirk to allow them to destroy the man who threatens their existence, matters take a disastrous turn when Berlis makes his way back to Isitra -- and an entire world falls to his whims.

Star Trek Online: 2385

Cryptic Studios have released the latest entry in their Path to 2409 timeline, which seems to have taken the opportunity to work in recent developments in the Countdown miniseries. In brief:

In part of a Starfleet reassessment of resources the Enterprise is reassigned to exploration missions and undergoes an extensive refit. At the bequest of the federation President Captain Picard resigns from Starfleet to take up an ambassadorial position on Vulcan. Doctor crusher accepts command of the USS Pasteur. Geordi La Forge works with the Soong Foundation to unlock the "Data matrix" in B-4, allowing Data to be restored by asserting his persona over B-4's. Worf leaves Starfleet again to make use of his diplomatic skills once more on Qo'noS in light of the increasing tensions between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

Elsewhere in Starfleet, much to the dismay of Annika Hansen, Starfleet Command decides to dismantle its Borg task force, believing the Borg threat to be minimal following the blow dealt to them by the USS Voyager on her way home.

In Romulan space years of near civil war are brought to an uneasy end with an agreement that folds the worlds of the recently founded Imperial Romulan State back into the Romulan Star Empire. Senator Chulan is chosen as the new Praetor but much of the power in the Empire sits with Donatra who maintains control of the military and extends a hand of friendship to the Remans, offering them full citizenship and representation in the senate. While both sides accept the new peace many Romulans continue to treat the Remans as second class citizens.

Read the entry in full, here.

Crew, in colour!

On his blog, Chris Ryall has released the cover for the forth issue of John Byrne's Crew series, as well as the first look of a coloured interior page (or pages). Ta-da:

Early Voyages omnibus cover

On his blog, Chris Ryall has released a cover-in-the-works (by zach Howard) for the forthcoming Early Voyages omnisbus book. Looks like this:

Sunday 22 February 2009

Mission's End preview

Colorist John Hunt has posted a couple of pages from the second issue of Mission's End in his deviantART gallery. Here's one, with some alien aliens:See another page, here.

Saturday 21 February 2009

Star Trek goes straight

Paramount have released a new font/logo design for the new movie title. It's all 3-D and shiney like the old one, but no longer italised! It looks like this:

New Online images

IGN have posted some new screencaps from Star Trek Online, including these:

See more, here.

Countdown #2 preview have posted a four page preview for the second issue of Countdown (out next week). Here's a two-page spread:

See the rest, at TrekMovie. Or, UPDATE: See the rest, including a fifth page, at Ain't it Cool News.

Best of DVD sets have reported details on the forthcoming Best of DVD sets. There will be two sets, each containing just four episodes:

The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series, containing "The City on the Edge of Forever", "The Trouble with Tribbles", "Balance of Terror" and "Amok Time".The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation, containing "The Best of Both Worlds" (parts 1 and 2), "Yesterday’s Enterprise" and "The Measure of a Man".See additional images of the packaging, at TrekMovie.

Monday 16 February 2009

Bluray news and The Digital Bits have co-reported to confirm and expand on details of previously rumoured forthcoming bluray and DVD releases.

Starting with the first season in April and the last two later in the year, the entire run of The Original Series will be released on bluray, with seamless branching to give the option of watching with or without the new remastered effects, and the ability to choose between 7.1 sound or the original mono. Special features are largely the same as the previous HD-DVD release of the set.
On top of that all the films will be released, starting with a box set of the TOS films, and a smaller set containing just the genesis trilogy (bluray and DVD rleases for the latter). These will be the original theatrical releases and feature a variety of new HD extras in addition to existing SD content.Later in the year the TNG films will be released separately in their own set. Additionally there is a possibility of a set of all ten, or by then, all eleven films. Finally in region 2 there might also be DVD box sets featuring the "best of" TOS and TNG.


Comics Continuum have posted IDW's solicitations for May, including four Star Trek titles:

Alien Spotlight: Romulans
Written by Ian Edginton, art by Wagner Reis, cover by Dave Williams.
In this Spotlight issue looking at the race whose villainy is on display in the new Star Trek movie, the heroic and charismatic Commander Acastus seeks to parlay a lifetime of military service into an illustrious political career. However, on his final mission, he gets his first and possibly final taste of the poison chalice that is Romulan politics.

Crew #3
Written and illustrated by John Byrne
The colonists on distant planet Beta Eridani III have adopted the simpler lives of an earlier time, but what is the sinister secret that lies behind their peaceful facade? The answer may cost the crew of the USS Ventura more than their lives.
Mission's End #3
Written by Ty Templeton, art by Stephen Molnar, cover by Joe Corroney.
The final mission of the Enterprise continues as the crew is caught in the middle of two bloody civil wars. With the Enterprise damaged, and everyone fighting for control of the Heart of God -- the most powerful weapon in the known galaxy -- will Kirk and Spock have the time to give their lost friend Doctor McCoy the memorial service he deserves?

Star Trek Omnibus #2: The Early Voyages
Written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton, art by Patrick Zircher, Mike Collins and Javier Pulido, cover by Zach Howard
Originally published by Marvel Comics, Early Voyages takes place ten years before Kirk's five-year mission, showcasing the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike and his team aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. This 17-issue series is collected in its entirety in this massive Star Trek volume!

Sunday 15 February 2009

DST at US Toy Fair

Action have posted a gallery of photos from this year's Toy Fair in New York, which reveal several new Star Trek products in the works from DST:

In the realm of action figures there are two new waves on way. The second wave of Borg figures is solidifying and will so far contain, Seven of Nine in a silver cat suit, First Contact Locutus, and a Borg Queen.

A new wave of TOS figures (the fifth apparently) will include the Romulan Commander from "Balance of Terror", a Kirk variant based on "The Enemy Within", McCoy in a short sleeved surgeon variant, Nurse Chapel, and the long delayed Salt Vampire (from "The Man Trap")

Additionally there will be a two back based on "The Enterprise Incident" featuring undercover Romulan-guised Kirk, and Spock with a raised eyebrow.

And finally DST have managed to come up with yet another TOS captain's chair variation, with a version featuring mirror Kirk.

Aside from figures DST will be continuing it's line of busts with a Captain Pike one.

And a new prop is on the way in the form of a The Wrath of Khan style communicator.

UPDATE: Toy News International has also now reported from the toy fair, and they revealed an extra product in the works from DST. The next ship! Which will be the Excelsior class Excelsior or Enterprise-B.

Saturday 14 February 2009

Explore the Enterprise's corridors!

For all your thrill seekers out there, the new movie's website has been updated with a new section called panoramas, which gives 360 degree images of sections of the Enterprise, and detail views of comm panels and such. The feature so far includes two different corridors! Which look like this (getting a 2001 vibe?):

Meltdown on the Ice Planet!

Esurance has updated its new movie tie in website with the game "Delta Vega: Meltdown on the Ice Planet" featuring Starfleet special agent Erin Esurance who on stardate 1424.36 was sent to rescue fellow Starfleet officer Keenser from the Starfleet outpost where contact had been lost.

According to Keenser, Delta Vega and the aliens Erin has to battle all appear in the movie.

Hot Wheels

Toys News International has released the first images of the new Hot Wheels Star Trek range. The assortment consists of the Enterprise-A, new movie design Enterprise, the Enterprise-D, the Reliant and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey:

Alan Dean Foster novelizing the new movie

Following a website update by Alan Dean Foster (writer of amongst other things the Star Trek Logs - TAS novelizations), have confirmed he is to be the author of the novelization of the new movie. They have also confirmed the book will be a trade paperback (the big short).

TrekMoive talked to the movie's writer, Roberto Orci who commented that he hoped the novelization will "explain things and answer some questions in a way that can’t be done in a script."

Must, not, say.... Khaaaaaaaaan

In a couple of posts on his blog IDW's Chris Ryall has released the covers for the first two issues of The Wrath of Khan adaptation, and an interior preview. Both of these covers are by the issue artist Chee. There will also be a painted triptych for the series by another artist.

Packaging and answers from DST and Playmates

The Art Asylum blog has been updated with shots of their packaging for the "Ultimate Quarter Scale" line of figures, they look like this (and you can see more angles, here):

The Blog has also posted the latest Q&A session with DST, the highlights of which include:

Possibles for their next ship could include the Defiant, Excelsior or a Borg ship, but DS9 and Voyager are unlikely at the moment. Meanwhile the All Good Things... version of their next ship, the Enterprise-D, is close to finding a buyer.

They would like to do Guinan and Yar figures, and have previously considered the Duras sisters. The previously announced Kruge and Maltz two-pack has been put on hold due to low orders.

Meanwhile the Japanese website Hot Toys has revealed packaging shots from Playmates new movie line. Here's a sample:
See Hot Toys for the rest of the range.

"QUOGs" report that CBS are launching a new sub-brand of Star Trek called "QUOGs" which will feature stylised Star Trek stuffs in a variety of forms, including:

The previously announced Funko figurines:
Watches by Gluck:
T-shirts by Trevco:
Hallmark greetings cards:
And make your own QUOG animations at Go Like this:

Monday 9 February 2009

Romulans in the Spotlight

Newsarama have posted a report from the IDW panel at the New York Comic Con. It has a single little bit of new news on Star Trek comics in the section talking about Alien Spotlight II (sort of):

"Other Star Trek projects include an aliens spotlight on Tribbles by Stuart Moore and Mike Hawthorne titled “The Trouble with Humans.” Keith R.A. Candido and J.K.Woodward are creating Star Trek: Klingons, for which Woodward said he will be “debuting two different styles” for the first two stories, and the last story will be drawn “in [his] original Fallen Angel style.” A Romulans special will tie in to villains of the new movie."

So I'm confused; just a couple of months away from Alien Spotlight starting they still aren't announcing all the issues, and are referring to the Klingon issue as it's own series? Is this Romulan issue (or issues?) a Spotlight? *looks clueless*

Star Trek Online updates

An article at IGN has released some new details on Star Trek Online. The game's premise is summised as follows:

"In the year 2409 the Khitomer Accord that preserved peace between the Federation and the Klingons has broken down and the two factions find themselves on the edge of an all-out war. Into the midst of this conflict, an age-old threat returns to the galaxy to become a third player in this drama. Though Cryptic isn't yet willing to publicly reveal who exactly this new threat is, we can definitely say that it's a force that fans of the series will surely recognize."

The article mostly details what we've already been told about the game; each player is a captain, with a customisable crew, ships can go on missions and battle in space as well as taking away teams down to planets. The article did offer some new information on the story structure of the game:

"...a lot of the content would be episodic and instanced. Rather than relying on collecting rat hides to drive player advancement, the team is hoping to structure the content much more like a traditional episode of Star Trek. Players will start in space, for instance, before beaming down to rescue scientists on a hostile planet, and then beaming aboard a nearby space lab to help put out fires and make some repairs before finally engaging in a climactic space battle."

"Players can expect all the iconic locations and themes from the franchise. Players will be able to visit well known planets, space stations and even meet the descendants of famous characters from the series' history. There will even be nods to particular episodes and plot points that hardcore fans will surely pick up on. In true Trek fashion, there will also be a fair bit of kitsch in the shows as well, from time travel missions to, yes, even tribbles."

The article also came with three new images:

And cryptic has also released a video showing off the character customisation in the game (Memory Beta nightmare!):
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