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This is an index page for my schedule and guide pages. As well as aiming to deliver news on all aspects of Star Trek stuff, I also strive to be a useful resource for Star Trek readers and collectors. To that end I hope you find the follow pages informative:


Since 2011 I have been maintaining schedule pages, to make it easy to find out when all the latest Star Trek stuff is coming. Initially I only listed books, but more recently, by introducing sortable pages, I have been able to catalogue just about all Star Trek products:

Production Guides (no longer updated)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness Guide - Everything you need to know about Star Trek Into Darkness, including links to behind-the-scenes articles and details of tie-in products.
  • Star Trek Beyond Guide - Everything you need to know about Star Trek Beyond and related media, as production unfolds.
  • Star Trek: Discovery Guide - Everything you need to know about new Star Trek TV series as production unfolds.

Other Guides
  • Trek Collective Lists - A separate site dedicated to lists of Star Trek stuff, including book and comic series, author bibliographies, and toys and collectables ranges.
  • Reading Order Flow Chart - Initially created by Thrawn, I offered to host this invaluable guide to the Trek-lit continuity, and have since worked with Thrawn to expand it.
  • The Official Starships Collection index - A full listing of the model and magazine part-work collection, including links to all my preview and review articles.
  • Ferengi Finds - A separate Twitter account listing the latest Star Trek competitions, sales, deals, and bargains.

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