Friday 12 April 2013

Titan and Aventine

USS Titan designer Sean Tourangeau has been posting images of the Titan on his Facebook page lately, including this encounter with the other star starship of Trek-lit, the USS Aventine:

As ever I shout into the ether, when oh when will the Titan find its way into Ships of the Line? Here are a couple more Titan shots Sean has posted:


You can see many more in his Titan gallery on Facebook.

In other starshipy news, Doug Drexler's amazing website, Drex Files, has been taken down. For the past few years Drexler has been giving us wonderful incites into his work on Star Trek and more, including loads of renders and behind the scenes images of his effects work, as well as Ships of the Line previews and incites into his Star Trek book cover designs. I am very sad to see this site go, but their is a chance it might be resurrected, commenting on Facebook Drexler explained the site's demise:
You know how I brand all the images I post with Drex Files. Several of my VFX colleagues took exception to that. They felt I was claiming credit for it all by doing that. I received a couple of angry notes that were upsetting. I felt the best thing was to off-line it for now. My intention was never to steal credit, in fact I felt like I was promoting everyone's work. Drex Files regulars know that I note credits for work whenever I have the info, and if I don't, I appeal to the audience to speak up if they know something about it.

So for now, the Drex Files is dark, at least until I have a chance to think about it and review it.

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Joel said...

I'd note that, at least for now, Drex Files can be found via

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