Wednesday 24 April 2013

First look at Star Trek Fighter Pods

Listings for Star Trek Fighter Pods toys have started to appear on Amazon, giving us the first clear looks at the game and some of the new figurines. Each of the sets so far listed comes with this general description:
Prepare for an incredible journey through the deepest reaches of the known universe with the heroic crew of the Starship Enterprise. Captain Kirk leads his crew of intrepid explorers on dangerous, Galaxy-spanning adventures. Facing off against menacing aliens, unknown threats from the distant past and the unknown future, and diabolical villains who lurk around every corner, Captain Kirk, Spock and the others protect the United Federation of Planets from evils great and small.The Star Trek universe is getting even bigger with the debut of Star Trek Fighter Pods. These small figures bring big attitude and incredible action to your space-faring adventures. Collect them all and let the battle begin.
There will apparently be thirty-six figurines in the first series. The idea is to collect the figures, and play with them, using them as both targets and ammunition for the launching and rolling toys in the series. So far three "attach pod launchers" have become available. Each comes with an "attack pod", which in some novelty way launches one of the four figurines in each pack.

Here is the bright orange "Blade Blaster", which has a "photon ram" as its way of attacking. This comes with caricatured versions of: Spock, in a silver uniform possibly the new Starfleet wetsuit from Into Darkness; an Orion, that I presume to be Gaila, in her underwear; a Gorn, from Star Trek: The Video Game; and the multi-faced alien Quocch, from the deleted scenes of the first film, and the Nero comic series.


Next there's the "Phantom Striker", which attacks with "Pop-out combat fins". The figures in this pack are:Kirk and Sulu, both in grey uniforms which again look like the new wetsuits (but are darker than Spock's silver one above); a Klingon; and Keenser.


Finally, for now, is the "Ninja Star", with burst to life with the use of "snap-out battle blades". This one comes with: Two redshirts, which I guess might be Scotty and Chekov; a Klingon (same one as the above set); and Nero.


There will also be a fourth attack pod, called the "Star Surger". In addition to these, there will be a larger USS Enterprise set, which houses an addition attack pod in the engineering section, while the bridge opens to reveal a playset for the figurines. Amazon does have a listing for the Enterprise, but no images yet. On top of that there will be smaller sets with figurines, and the eponymous fighter pod balls that the game is based around. You can get an idea of the rest of the range from my previous coverage of the Toy Fair displays.

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