Thursday 4 April 2013

Book bits: new ebook, and German cover

It looks like Simon and Schuster might be stepping up their ebook releases. After having one original ebook novella a year for the past three years (with the most recent, The Stuff of Dreams, out just last week), there is now news of a second novella coming this year, expected in June: Michael A. Martin has apparently told the Star Trek Books Community Facebook page, that his next Star Trek story will be a TOS ebook, called Seasons of Light and Darkness, which will be starring Doctor McCoy.

Hopefully this indicates we'll be getting the ebooks on a more regular basis - Which I am pleased about, I really enjoy their easy-to-read-in-one-sitting episode-like length. I guess I might have to finally give in and get some sort of ereader if they do start coming a little more often. Hopefully Simon and Schuster will get there act together and promote the next one a bit better though; The Stuff of Dreams still doesn't have an official blurb, let alone an excerpt. If it wasn't for James Swallow self promoting we wouldn't have a clue what it's about!

In other prose news, over in Germany Cross Cult has revealed their latest cover art. This time Martin Frei gives us his version of the New Froniter novel Gateways: Cold Wars, which is due out early next year, under the German title, Portale: Kalte Kriege:

I find myself a little underwhelmed by this one, as it's the same basic concept as the original cover, but perhaps a little less dynamically delivered.

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