Saturday 16 March 2013

Mirror Mimimates Enterprise

Due out in May is the new Minimates USS Enterprise model ship, with the mini bridge in the saucer and the hinge opening deflector dish granting access to a "jeffries tube". Now Entertainment Earth have announced they will be releasing an exclusive mirror universe variant alongside the prime version, complete with little nacelle spires, a bigger deflector, and other mirror universe detailing. Plus it comes with mirror-Kirk. There has been a mirror-Kirk Minimate before, when DST released a mirror-5-pack; this new one looks a bit more angry:

Now they've got the bits to make a pilot version of the Enterprise in this form, I wonder if a Pike variant might follow sometime too.

DST have also recently posted their latest shipping dates; as ever things have moved around again. They've also added reissues of both of the new starship models released this year, so hopefully that bodes well for their success, and for future model starships! Here's when they currently expect their latest Star Trek stuff to appear in the next few months:

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Unknown said...

That's pretty cool. While I'm going to be passing on the TOS and Mirror MM Enterprises, I would probably get a Cage Enterprise w/Pike. Just because it's unlikely that they would release that version any other way.

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