Thursday 21 March 2013

New International theatrical trailer and poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

This morning the latest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was released, the international theatrical trailer, which has lots of new stuff to enjoy over it's 2:15 running time. Here is the UK version, it's also been released in localised versions for Australia, Germany, Mexico, Russia, and Brazil - Which are quite fun to watch just to experience all the different dubbing. There are a few extra shots in the various international versions, but only little character reaction shots; nothing as telling as that scene added to the Japanese version of the first trailer.

Paramount have also released a new poster, which seems to aimed firmly at the action audience, rather than including any sci-fi elements:

Check out TrekMovie's article on the poster to see how they hid little urls in the trailers to release international versions of the poster.

Now let's dissect things in this new trailer a bit? Keep reading after the jump for anlysis of the new footage:

We start with the now familiar shots of San Francisco and London, with John Harrisons's "You think your world is safe..." speech, which is then revealed to take place while Harrison is in the brig.

We then get some of the explosions we've seen before, and the memorial ceremony scenes. Then we get a shot of a skyscrapper, the place of the Starfleet meeting (new Starfleet HQ?) which is attacked by Harrison.


Peter Weller's character, recently revealed to be Admiral Marcus, introduces the briefing, and in doing so tells us a little more about John Harrison:
By now all of you have heard what happened in London. The man who did it, is one of our top agents

Cut to new scenes of Harrison beating up Spock. Scotty and Kirk are also in the background, running to help.

We also seen Harrison standing high above a landscape, which appears to be the location previously identified as Qo'noS. Look closely on the left and you can see the big yellow circle from the Klingon fight scene location scene in previous trailers and later in this one.

Then we see Harrison's attack on the Starfleet meeting in more detail than before. A female officer is shot, and Kirk goes to her aid. Is she important to him? Or just the casualty most in need? Over this Harrison tells us:
Your commanders have committed a crime I cannot forgive. None of you are safe. Have I got your attention now?
This is one of the most interesting bits of this trailer for me. What is it that drives Harrison? The producers have suggested he's not just a plain bad guy, that we might be able to sympathise with him. I'm very curious!


Over this and the next few scenes we also have some title cards giving us a little narrative (edited into one image here):

The next few shots show us Kirk apparently trying to get the mission to go after Harrison, stating:
This could just be the beginning.

And, and exchange between him and Marcus:
Kirk: I request permission to go after him.
Marcus: Startfleet is not about vendetta, Kirk.
Kirk: Maybe it should be, sir.

We see Kirk in the Starfleet hanger from the first film (or one very similar), and then a beautiful shot of a shuttle going through Spacedock to the Enterprise:

In the hanger bay McCoy asks:
Kim, you're not actually going after this guy, are you?

Then on the Enterprise Kirk tells Spock:
I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I only know what I can do.

A good chunk of the next few scenes we've seen before, with Kirk and crew in the small ship on Qo'noS, and the Klingon fight scene.

Then we see a confrontation between Kirk and Harrison:
Kirk: I watched you murder innocent men and women. I will make you answer for you did.
Harrison: You have no idea what you have done.

We also see McCoy and Carol Marcus apparently apparently being addressed by Harrison

Plus some of the volcano mission scenes. Then Carol Marcus looks distressed as Harrison beats up Kirk and declares:
I will walk over your cold dead corpses.

We then get several shots of the Spock/Harrison aerial fight. a little late in the trailer we also see Harrison apparently leaving Spock and fleeing to another transport vehicle:


Then there's a new shot of the space jump, with Kirk and his companion zipping away from the Enterprise. Note the Enterprise is damaged in this scene, so maybe it takes place close to the scenes of her falling to Earth, where she is similarly damaged?:

Then Carol Marcus looks less than impressed at Kirk ogling her in her underwear, as she gets changed inside a shuttle:


Then there's a couple more title cards (edited into one again here) as we see Kirk and McCoy running through the forests of Nibiru:

And Uhura and Kirk discuss their options before bursting out of there little ship on Qo'noS:
Uhura: We're out gunned, out numbered.
Kirk: So we come out shooting.

Then more familiar scenes of Kirk and Harrison in the brig with "I am better" exchange, plus Harrison with his redshirt guards. And some new shots of the Enterprise plummeting to Earth:


Followed by some awesome new shots of the other Starfleet ship crashing into San Francisco, including Alcatraz getting squashed:


To see all the previous trailers, and keep up to date with everything about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, keep an eye on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.

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