Wednesday 20 March 2013

Latest German Star Trek releases

It seems someone turned on the Star Trek tap this week in Germany, as all of a sudden there's a flood of new Trek stuff on the way. Starting with the usual source of things Star Trek in German, Cross Cult have released their latest cover art, for Christopher L. Bennett's TNG Typhon Pact ebook, The Struggle Within. No German title title yet for this one, which features Picard and Jasminder Choudhury - The second appearance by the latter book-only character, who we last saw on Den Frieden Verlieren (Cross Cult's edition of Losing the Peace):

Cross Cult have also released a new portrait for their New Frontier range; the new look Katerina Müller will appear along side the rest of the New Frontier cast on the spine of a future Cross Cult translation.

In other news from Cross Cult, my regular source of all news German, UnrealitySF's Jens Deffner, has pointed out an interesting little bit hidden at the end of the latest Cross Cult catalogue; a book called, Die Zukunft von Star Trek liegt im Roman, which Jens translates to The future of Star Trek lies with the novels.

My first thought was it might be Voyages of Imagination, but at 320 pages, it's less than half as a long as that brilliant guide to Star Trek books. So what might it be? Jens speculates it might be a collection of essays and interviews, such as those that have been printed in some of Cross Cult's novels. My dream is that it might be some sort of guide to the various relaunch series, with illustrations of new ships, species, and characters (so those of us who don't read German can enjoy it too). Whatever it turns out to be, it's coming in July!

Cross Cult arn't the only Trek publishers in Germany, Jens also pointed me to the latest from Panini, who regularly print DC Comics there, and will in April be releasing German versions of the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover. They will be releasing both paperback and hardcover versions, with the hardcover version limited to 222 copies:


Finally there are also so new home video releases coming, in the form of a new steelbook release of the Star Trek (2009) bluray, and a very stark black and red packaging for the prime timeline films on DVD, which they've dubbed, the Stardate Collection:

These are out in May, as are new bluray releases of each of the first ten films; these are just German cover version of the same Region B designs already available in the UK, France and Italy.

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