Wednesday 20 March 2013

Latest Star Trek mobile bits

A couple of weeks ago revealed a new range of accessories for mobile devices. They used digital mock-ups to show them off, but now Amazon have posted photos of the real things, and they look much more appealing! They are also, despite's assertion that they would be UK exclusive, readily available on

The biggest improvement from digital to real is the Starfleet delta USB stick, which is much thinner in the real world, and looks much better for it!

You can also get a much better idea of the functionality of the tablet bag, which has a shoulder strap as well as a hand hold. Here's the blue version, is also comes in yellow:


Not such a revelation in the design of the iphone case, but here they are to complete the set (they come in blue or yellow for iphone 5, but just yellow for iphone 4):

And here's a tenuous link: While you're out and about with your mobiles and tablets you might also find an extra portable water bottle handy too hmm? Well you're in luck, Vandor have added a collapsible water bottle to their Star Trek range. I use one of these (a Platypus one) pretty much every day; they're great because they squash into whichever bit of your bag you need it to, as opposed to solid bottles which are huge and in the way! And it's much more sustainable to use tap water (at least 1000 times less the carbon footprint than buying bottled water says How Bad Are Bananas?), so surely a good step to take towards a Star Trek like future!

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