Wednesday 13 March 2013

Meet New Vulcan's new Vulcans

The has posted some new images and information about two Vulcan characters in the new Star Trek video game. It seems Spock's connections with these particular Vulcans will be a story point in the game. The young (looking) female Vulcan, which Kirk naturally finds attractive, is T'Mar, the captain of a space station which the Enterprise visits in the opening of the game when the Enterprise is called in to help save the day.

T'Mir then joins Kirk and Spock on their mission to New Vulcan. T'Mir also happens to be a childhood friend of Spock, and her father, Surok, his mentor, who they just happen to find on New Vulcan. He and T'Mir were leading efforts to establish the new Vulcan homeworld. He ends up being one of the only survivors of the Gorn attack.

These two Vulcan's are apparently major charactors alongside our more familiar Enterprise crew, as describe:
T’Mar and Surok assume major roles in helping Kirk and Spock learn more about the Gorn’s attacks not just on New Vulcan, but across the galaxy. They also reveal that the Gorn have absconded with a powerful and mysterious machine known as the Helios Device, the functions of which could prove disastrous in the hands of an enemy as ruthless as the Gorn.
On the subject of New Vulcan, IDW artist Michael Stribling (who previously did covers for the Khan: Ruling in Hell series, and one issue of Burden of Knowledge) has been posting some fantasy cover art for could-be Trek comics - Including a tale he has made up featuring the two Spocks and a childhood sweetheart of Spock's on New Vulcan (young T'Mir maybe!). Here's his artwork and story idea (as posted in his DeviantArt gallery):
Elder Spock has visited an ancient Vulcan colony on another world, hoping to establish this as New Vulcan (which was at one time a resort of sorts he and his family visited when he was a teenager...where he met a young Vulcan girl he fell in love with, but never saw again- the Vulcan Idic symbol pendant he is clutching in the image was a parting gift from the girl). Upon arriving at the planet , he makes a horrible discovery...and so, calls for the help of the only other person he can fully trust (and who also understands the emotional gravity of the situation). That person is HIMSELF....Spock, the younger.
Stribling also posted his take on a cover for the first issue of a comic book adaptation of Star Trek Into Darkness. I think it's pretty good, so perhaps when IDW do the inevitable adaptation they could just buy what Stribling has already prepared!:

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