Friday 15 March 2013

Star Trek video game guide book reveals new details

Amazon have added a listing for the Prima Official Game Guide for the new Star Trek video game. The blurbs for the book give us a few details about the game, including an apparent abundance of tribbles!:
• Discover New Intelligence - A massive database of Star Trek research reveals new Federation Logs, Vulcan Technology and information from the Frontier.

• Set Your Course - Fully detailed maps show you the best path to collecting every Tribble, Audio Log and more.

• Beam In Support - All upgrades for Kirk and Spock explored with optimum load outs for weapons and gear.

• Max Your Gamer Score - Complete list of every Trophy and Achievement with details on the fastest way to unlock all of them.

• Explore New Worlds - Extensive concept art gallery including some new exclusive pieces of art.
Following the destruction of the Vulcan homeworld, Vulcan scientists are hard at work establishing a colony on New Vulcan. With the help of an experimental piece of technology known as the Helios Device, the scientists hope to terraform the planet, creating a home for the few remaining Vulcans. But when activated, the Helios Device creates a rip in the fabric of space time, leading to an attack by an unknown alien race emerging from the anomaly. It’s up to Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock and the crew of the Enterprise to confront this new threat, preventing the Helios Device from falling into enemy hands. The future of the Vulcan people and the entire Federation is at stake.

The Guide is out on the 23rd of April, the release date of the game. Meanwhile the Star Trek game twitter account posted this new image of Gorn ships attacking a planet:

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