Thursday 21 March 2013

Glimpses from Ships of the Line 2014

Contributors to next year's Ships of the Line calendar have now submitted their pieces, and so now the months of teasing us starship lovers begin! John Eaves has posted an especially nice section of his entry, which is a painting of the Enterprise-E. After giving us a look inside the saucer shuttle bay in the 2011 calendar we're getting to see (for the first time maybe?) inside the engineering hull hanger:

Meanwhile Mark Rademaker, who has already teased us with a couple of samples from his new ship in the calendar, has posted this further little snippet on twitter, revealing a somewhat familiar name:


Unknown said...

Awesome, pros fleshing out the E-E are always welcome and Rademaker's stuff is always fantastic. I can't wait for him to put out his refit Voyager.

8of5 said...

When Mark eventually reveals the entire Full Circle fleet I will be a very happy fan!

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