Tuesday 19 March 2013

More details of the new Gorn in latest Star Trek video game updates

IGN has posted the second behind-the-scenes video for Star Trek: The Video Game, and this time we get a look at the development and characteristics of the new Gorn (plus another smattering of the new music from the game):

You can see the previous behind-the-scenes video, which focused on the co-op game-play, here. The Star Trek: The Video Game twitter account has also been posting lots of images lately. Here are a couple of shots of the Enterprise:


And after the jump you'll find lots of Kirk in action, plus the answer to the mystery of the missing phaser controller:


In this last shot Kirk is using the tricorder mode:

Now you might be remember way back when the game was first announced in 2011, we were told there would be an accompanying phaser controller, to use with the Playstation 3's motion sensing Move control system. The Star Trek: The Video Game twitter repsonded to a question about that having not surfaced with the final release:
During development, we felt Move wasn't making the game better, so we focused STAR TREK on the PS3 game pad controls.
Might have been fun, although I don't think we're missing out in terms of ergonomic design with that thing! While we don't ahve a real-world phaser to play with, there are of course loads of extra weapons among the bits in the pre-order bonus pack:

PS. To keep up to date with everything about Star Trek: The Video Game and other Star Trek Into Darkness tie-ins, keep an eye on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.

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