Tuesday 12 March 2013

New Star Trek Magazine covers and blurbs

Titan Magazines have released covers and the first details for issue 45 of the Star Trek Magazine, which being released in May is, naturally, all about Star Trek Into Darkness. Here's how Titan describe it:
It's finally here! Star Trek Into Darkness storms onto movie screens on May 17th. With star interviews and exclusive features, The Official Star Trek Magazine is packed with all you need to know about the stunning new adventures of James T.Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise. We also look back at IDW Comic's bold re-interpretation of classic Trek episodes, revisit Star Trek pilot episodes 'The Cage' and 'Where No Man Has Gone Before,' and travel to the Mirror Universe in our on-going Star Trek Online original fiction.
The standard cover for the issue borrows the artwork from the new Star Trek video game, while the Previews exclusive version uses the poster:

Before that though, there's another issue due out at the end of this month, which will be focusing on alternative realities:
As we prepare to head Into Darkness with the new Trek movie, The Official Star Trek Magazine takes a trip across dimensions and through a multiverse of alternate timelines, investigating the science behind temporal paradoxes and quantum theory along the way. We also speak to Denise Crosby about Tasha Yar, Romulan half-sisters, and deadly pools of black mud; re-evaluate the Trek movies The Final Frontier and Insurrection; and in "Star Trek Scrapbook" we discover that the real world can be far stranger than fiction.
There's a jumble of nuTrek people on the main cover for this one, while the Previews version is an awesome homage to Gold Key Comics, in the form of a mirror universe version of cover of The Voodoo Planet:

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