Sunday 3 March 2013

Getting Stuck on Star Trek

Joe Corroney's new Star Trek sticker book, Stuck on Star Trek, is out now. To mark its release posted an interview with Corroney, where he explained the origin of the book:
I was actually contacted by the art director at Becker and Mayer! Books a few years ago when they wanted to pitch this project to CBS. I think I got recommended for the project by my friend and author Scott Tipton, who was working on Star Trek Vault at the time. Scott and I worked previously together on many Star Trek comic books for IDW Publishing.

He also spoke about the style of the illustrations in the book, and how some settings needed to be modified to accommodate the kling-ons:
I worked with my friends and frequent collaborators, Hi-Fi Colour Design, on this project and they really knocked it out of the park with the artwork. I think the style evolved naturally since we work primarily as comic book artists in the industry. The general idea was to definitely retain likenesses as much as possible for the characters, but also keep them fun and animated-looking.
The Enterprise bridge was really fun to illustrate. I hadn't really gotten the chance to draw the entire bridge for the The Original Series-era Enterprise in the comics before, just parts of it, so I was excited for this illustration. It was challenging but also an honor to draw such a classic, iconic setting in Star Trek history. I actually had to adjust some of the features for the bridge, though, increasing the distance between Captain Kirk's chair and the command consoles to allow for more playability for the clings.

This first book includes costumes options for Kirk and Spock to dress up ready for The City on the Edge of Forever and The Return of the Archons. When asked about a possible sequel Corroney highlighted some excellent sounding TNG holodeck possibilities:
I would definitely love to do a second book featuring The Next Generation series. That would be especially cool. I love Picard, Data, Riker, Worf, Geordi and the rest of the crew. I think it would be really great to adapt some classic TNG episodes like “The Best of Both Worlds,” “QPid,” “The Big Goodbye” and “All Good Things...” There are definitely some great characters, costumes and environments in all of those episodes that would lend themselves perfectly for another Stuck on Star Trek book.

Looking to his Star Trek work beyond Stuck on Star Trek, Corroney noted he is working on one of IDW's new limited edition releases:
Currently, I'm doing some sketches for IDW Publishing's upcoming Star Trek Volume Two Deluxe Limited Edition book for their "IDW Limited" line. This will be a very rare, limited release for this collection of Star Trek comic books and each book in the black label edition will come with a unique, hand-drawn character sketch inside that I've drawn. There are also rumblings of a new Star Trek series on the horizon at IDW that I might get to draw, so I'm hoping that works out for me later this year.
IDW's Star Trek Volume One Deluxe Limited Edition is due out some time in the coming months. Though is it not yet known what either of these two hardcover releases will include.

Meanwhile you can read the rest of the Corroney interview, here. And see more sample pages from Stuck on Star Trek, here, here, and here!

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