Thursday 5 July 2012

More Cross Cult Typhon Pact covers

I've been looking forward to the Cross Cult cover art for the Typhon Pact books, as the original US editions were some of the most disappointing Trek covers ever. The same certainly cant be said for the German editions, after the first two a couple of days ago, Cross Cult have now released their new covers for Rough Beasts of Empire and Paths of Disharmony, the last two in the original four book Typhon Pact series:


Dayton Ward has handily saved me a bit of image fiddling by already stitching all four covers together, and what a magnificent image they create! Someone needs to give Star Trek Magazine a poke to get this released as a centerfold!


Anonymous said...

Nice covers! But the Sabre class ship on the Rough Beasts of Empire cover makes me laugh a little bit...

Captain: "Let's see if the Borg can adapt to an attack... in reverse!!"

(My apologies if they actually did that in the book; it's been a while since I read it.)

8of5 said...

Looks like they're using the classic "run away!" tactic to me :P

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