Saturday 28 July 2012

Titan Shipyards

Sean Tourangeau, designer of the Luna class USS Titan (star of the Star Trek: Titan series) has launched a new website dedicated to the Titan. There you can find information on the series and characters, schematics, 3D renders, and even coverage of the real world model which was made.

It's pretty comprehensive; the only thing missing really seems to be information about the design contest that led Sean to design the Titan in the first place. Unfortunately the page with the competition results (and runner up designs) seems to have been removed from Simon and Schuster's website - Did anyone manage to save that page? I'd like to add that lost information to the 8of5 Archive.

Coming in the future Sean has pages waiting for Titan art, and his mirror universe versions of the series. Joe Corroney hinted a little while back that the Titan might be in IDW's new Hive comic series soon too, and we're still waiting for her to get into a Ships of the Line calendar some time (if I keep mentioning that it will happen some time right?), so hopefully there will be room for those when they come too.

Anywho, you should all make your way to Sean's site to oggle at the Titan. Here's a sample of what he has on show there:


PS. Titan fans should also be pleased to see that the latest novel, Fallen Gods, is out right about now.


Sean Tourangeau said...

If anyone find the runners up page and info I would be more than happy to add it and any images of the runner's up to the page.

8of5 said...

A couple of other things that might be interesting: The Titan features on a couple of new Cross Cult covers in Germany (same images of the Titan as used elsewhere but presented differently), and the new Czech release of The Red King is called Black King there, so has a modified version of that cover.

There are also videos of the Titan model with the video presentation featuring Tuvok and Wesley bumping around on youtube if you wanted to add that.

And Andy Mangels mentioned a while ago he tried to get a comic series done with IDW, co-written by Tim Russ.

You can find all coverage of all that scrolling back along the Titan tag on this blog.

Sean Tourangeau said...

I uploaded art into the misc Titan art section last night now includes concepts of the ship and shuttles as well as G Thorne's animated Titan art.

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