Sunday 15 July 2012

TNG mega-omnibus coming from IDW

Cover from The Space Between
Amazon have added a new listing for a Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus, a 480 page book due in December - Which I expect will be similar in format the the Star Trek: The Original Series Omnibus from a couple of years ago, and contain multiple IDW TNG series.

As IDW's Star Trek comics have been so heavily dominated by TOS, the TNG series aren't actually that numerous, so this book will likely contain all four of IDW's TNG series to date (indeed Amazon list the authors and artists of them all):

IDW's only other TNG stories are Countdown, which is generally grouped with the new timeline stuff, a handful of Alien Spotlights (Andorians, Borg, and Q), and a single Captain's Log (Jellico), plus of course the current Assimilation2, and the forthcoming Hive.

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