Sunday 8 July 2012

TOS kicks off the year from Pocket Books

The Simon and Schuster website has been updated with listings for three new Star Trek books, which follow David R. George III's Allegiance in Exile to give us a TOS-full first third of the 2013 publishing schedule:

March's book is Devil's Bargain, by Tony Daniel. This will be Daniel's first Star Trek novel, but he is an established sci-fi writer, with several novels and numerous short stories to his name.

In April we have Greg Cox's The Weight of Worlds. Which is presumably the same book as the his forthcoming TOS novel which he previously referred to as The Twilight Realm. Cox is of course an establish Star Trek novelist, having written books from all of the main series except for Enterprise!

Finally in May we have The Folded World, from Jeff Mariotte. He might not be a highly familiar Trek name, but he's no stranger; having penned the SCE ebook No Surrender, and the Lost Era novel Deny Thy Father, both about a decade ago. He was also the editor of a few WildStorm Star Trek comics, has written IDW's Covert Vampiric Operations (which later featured alongside Star Trek in the Infestation crossover), and has writer numerous other novels and comics, both original and tie-ins for other franchises!

One imagines the rest of the year will follow recent patterns and have a couple more blocks of books from other parts of the Trekverse. Hopefully a DS9 bias for the twentieth anniversary, and if we're lucky maybe those new timeline books that have been waiting in limbo will finally see light to make the most of the sequel hype!

UPDATE: Greg Cox has confirmed The Weight of the Worlds is indeed the book formerly known as The Twilight Realm, citing changes in the plot as driving the change in the title. All three of the new books are also now available for pre-order on Amazon in the US and Canada: Devil's Bargain, The Weight of Worlds, The Folded World. Devil's Bargain, The Weight of Worlds, The Folded World.

Allegiance in Exile meanwhile has now appeared on Amazons all over the world:,,,,,,,

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