Saturday 14 July 2012

QMx Kelvin and Enterprise-D!

Quantum Mechanix have launched two new high-end replicas at this week's Comic Con. The USS Kelvin, and the USS Enterprise-D. Both are set to come in editions of just 50! If they're anything like the previous refit TOS Enterprise or new movie Enterprise models from QMx, then they'll be about $5000 each!


All the above images come from Art of Wei's coverage of the QMx booth. You can also see more, including QMx's Doctor Who and Firefly models, at Awesome Toy Blog, and Toyark.

Oddly Hallmark are also offering both of those ships, but at a slightly more affordable price, with the Enterprise-D in this year's range of Keepsakes, and the Kelvin recently announced for next year. Meanwhile QMx are also offering a slightly cheaper Enterprise-D, in keyring form:

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