Sunday 15 July 2012

Spock and the Horta kick of Star Trek Select from DST

Star Trek looks to be the latest line to join DST's "Select" line of action figures. Starting in 2002 with Marvel Select, the Select line is a seven inch scale range of detailed action figures, often coming with accessories and chunks of scenery. Following the popularity of the Marvel line, DST have expanded the range to include Universal Monsters, The Munsters, and Alice: The Madness Returns figures. The first figure in the new Star Trek range was revealed at the Comic Con this week: Spock, with a Horta and section of Janus VI tunnel.

I believe this will be the first figure/sculpture of a Horta ever released! The Spock figure can also be reconfigured into a standing position:

It turns out they had some concept art on show for this at the Toy Fair earlier in the year, which also reveals where the line will go next, as they also had art up for a Kirk v Khan set:


Images from, Toy News International, and Paul Nomad.

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