Saturday 14 July 2012

Calendar updates

It seems another calendar has been added to the 2013 range! UK publisher Danilo have got the Star Trek Official 2013 Calendar on the way in August, seemingly in direct competition with Universe Publishing's TOS calendar. Here are the covers and a sample page:


That's seven Star Trek calendars all together this year now, with the Ships of the Line, TOS, Captain's Log, and Daily calendars from Universe, a TNG calendar from ML, the German movie poster calendar from Panini, and now this new TOS one from Danilo!

There might be an eighth on the way too. A little while ago I spotted a listing for a Star Trek Ships calendar, also from Danilo. I assumed this would just be a UK printing of the Ships of the Line calendar. But as their TOS calendar is completely different to the Universe artwork that has been released so far, maybe that's a different ships calendar too?

Amazon meanwhile, seem to be playing yoyo with the Universe's 2013 calendars. Up until recently Ships of the Line and the TOS calendar were listed for August release. Then they were suddenly moved to July. But now they say August again! So once again this month, I've changed my latest releases panel on the left. In place of the calendars for now though is a new addition, as it seems this year's Hallmark ornaments are out this month.

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