Wednesday 12 March 2014

Latest Starships Collection previews

The Official Starships Collection website has been updated with new preview images, revealing the covers and come new model photos of issues sixteen to eighteen, the Ferengi Marauder, USS Dauntless, and Bajoran Solar Sailor:

A couple of online retailers, Forbidden Planet, and X-Comics have also added listings for a few issues, posting higher res versions of previously released preview images of the Bajoran Solar Sailor, Vor'cha class, USS Enterprise-E, and Krenim Temporal Weapon. Continue after the jump for a look at those:

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page

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Chris said...

Why the Bajoran sail ship? I don't think there's a fan anywhere who wanted a model of that ship. Is it filler so they can stretch out the good ships? Maybe I'm wrong, does anyone not subscribed plan on getting this issue?

mcarp555 said...

Of course some ships are designed as fillers. But I know another company made a Bajoran sail ship (not as detailed as the EM will be), so obviously somebody must be keen on it. A few other sites I'm checking regarding EM releases don't seem to have any complaints about it. But who's been pining for a Krenim time ship? Personally, I think the Cardassian and Ferengi ships are the ugliest so far, but so what? That's the nature of collections. They can't all be personal favs.

Stephen Duignan said...

I've actually been looking forward to the Bajoran sail ship and the Krenim time ship, not because I particularly like their designs (I don't), but for the novelty of seeing them realised as models. There have been so many Enterprise Ds over the years, I'm really excited for the more obscure ships.

8of5 said...

The Bajoran Solar Sailor was the focus of a whole episode, and a rare look at an ancient starship design, and unique in all of Star Trek with the sail design (pretty rare even in wider sci-fi), so I'd say it's got a fair amount going for it, even if it's not as sexy as some of the more familiar ships.

If the series continues for a long time, I feel the filler will be when we get the various flying box freighter ships...

Unknown said...

I'm really excited about the Krenim time ship as it's from one of my favourite stories from the whole Star Trek universe. It's a more unusual model for them to do which makes it more interesting for me.
Another ship I really hope they make into a model is the Botany Bay even though it's kinda crappy looking it's who it is associated with that makes it appealing for me.

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