Thursday 6 March 2014

Star Trek Magazine #49 details

Things From Another World have added listing for issue 176 (UK)/49 (US) of the Star Trek Magazine. This edition will be focusing on Khan, both versions of which adorn the regular cover. Beverly Crusher is featured on the Previews Exclusive cover, to highlight a feature interview with Gates McFadden. Here are the covers and description:

One year on from Star Trek Into Darkness and our perception of Star Trek's greatest villain has been changed forever. In this issue we take a fresh look at the exploits of Khan Noonien Singh and ask if his actions were ever justified. Starfleet's involvement in Project Genesis also comes under the spotlight as we explore the organization's sometimes dubious role in galactic affairs. Gates McFadden speaks about life aboard the Enterprise-D in an exclusive new interview, and we celebrate Star Trek's guest stars in a new feature, 'Short Hops.' Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive editions.

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