Tuesday 18 March 2014

Books bits: SCE, TOS, and Rise of the Federation

The latest books news, starting with some good news for German readers. Cross Cult have decided to start translating the Corps of Engineers series. They've so far scheduled the first four novellas (of seventy-four in the series), with the first ebook coming in April. The German titles are:
They have so far released new covers for the first two UPDATE: four (via Facebook):

Something these wont have, as ebooks, is spines. Which is a shame, as Cross Cult do a really good job with their spine design. My regular German correspondent, Jens Deffner, pointed me towards the following photo, posted on Facebook by Bernd Perplies, one of Cross Cult's translators, showing the glorious uniformity of their Star Trek library. Oh how I wish the English books looked this neat:

Back in the English-reading world, one of my readers, nisus8, pointed me towards comments made by Greg Cox on the TrekBBS, about his forthcoming TOS movie-era novel, Foul Deeds Will Rise. Apparently the book is to be set between The Final Frontier and The Undiscovered Country, and will focus on Kirk and Chekov.

Finally Simon and Schuster have updated their listing for Christopher L. Bennett's next Enterprise novel, Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel, with an excerpt. You'll find chapter one on their website, while the book itself should be showing up any day now.

They also have an excerpt up for this month's Greg Cox TOS/Voyager novel, No Time Like the Past. Again, chapter one is what you'll find on Simon and Schuster.

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