Tuesday 4 March 2014

Skele-Treks update: T-shirts and packaging

Last summer Neca announced the birth of a quirky new Star Trek sub-brand, Skele-Treks; a range of skeleton-like Star Trek characters inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. The designs by Spanish artist Javi Molner for Maya Studio, are to feature on toys, clothing, accessories and more. So far only toys have appeared, in the form of three five-inch tall figures, and two series of six two-inch figurines.

Now the line is now starting to diversify as promised, with Your Favourite T-shirts now listing six Skele-Treks T-shirt designs, two for each of the first three characters; Kirk, Klingon, and Borg. For the most part they are pretty run-of-mill character and caption designs, but there is one stand-out garment, featuring a full-bleed monotone rendition of the Borg:

I've not come across any other Skele-Treks products so far, but from what was announced, I expect they will follow a similar pattern to the other quirky Star Trek sub-brands, Quogs and Trexels, and will be popping up on all sorts of things over the coming years, as licensees find suitable applications.

Continue after the jump for a look at the packaging of the Skele-Treks toys so far released:

The first Skele-Treks products came out last year, in the form of the five-inch action figures. Each comes in a transporter pad style tube (images via Toys'r'us):

These were followed by a series of two-inch figurines, including the same characters, joined by Picard, Data, and a Gorn. These have been released in blind-bags (images via Entertainment Earth).

A second series of the smaller scale figures is due this month.

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