Sunday 9 March 2014

Into Darkness deleted scenes and concept art

An original Constitution class from one of the Into Darkness cut scenes
As you might recall, Paramount did an impressive job of dividing up the extra features on the Into Darkness home video releases, so that you had to seek them out from as many different retailers and providers as possible if you wanted to see everything. One of those sources is X-Box SmartGlass, an app for mobile devices that displays extra bits on your second screen along-side the digital copy of the film on the X-Box. That includes exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, concept art (which I have posted a sampling of before), and the only place you'll find any of the deleted scenes (although some have been eluded to in other behind-the-scenes features).

For those without a X-Box those deleted scenes have remained a mystery, until now. The resourceful people over at TrekCore have tracked them down, and posted detailed descriptions of them all. There are nine deleted scenes available:
  • An alternate take on the discussion between Pike and Kirk in Pike's office.
  • The explanation of Carol Marcus' English accent.
  • A different version of Uhura speaking to the Klingons on Qo'noS.
  • And a different version of the start of the fight with the Klingons.
  • Thomas Harewood's message to Admiral Marcus.
  • A Captain's Log scene after the Nibiru incident.
  • Kirk witnessing Pike's death.
  • Scotty blagging his way into the Section 31 shipyard.
  • Kirk meeting the Harewood's after his speech at the end of the film.
Check out TrekCore's coverage for full descriptions of all the scenes.

Meanwhile, one of the film's production artists, Victor Martinez, has posted some samples of his work form the film on his website. Including artwork of Qo'noS, the Enterprise's warp core, and England, like these:

For more concept art, behind-the-scenes information, and everything else there is to know about about Into Darkness, check out my guide page.


Anonymous said...

While that's likely just a placeholder or quick fan service Easter egg, can you imagine the forum meltdown that would have happened if that old bucket had actually appeared?

They pretty much saved the internet with that cut.

Still waiting for an Into Darkness art book...

Unknown said...

I'm really hoping that they get an Art of Star Trek Into Darkness book out, I hate it that everything is in different places and only available online.

8of5 said...

I fear we're going to continue to be disappointed with dreams of the art book, if it was going to happen I'd think it would have been either, with the hype of the film release, with the hype of the home video release, or in time for christmas. I guess the best we can hope for is a trilogy book after the next film.

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