Tuesday 11 March 2014

Book bits: New titles, details, and German Destiny

Lots of books news today, starting with several new titles revealed by the latest additions to Amazon's listings. Several new titles have been added, in some cases revealing the titles and/or release dates. Perhaps most notable is that there are two titles being released under the DS9 banner, the first time since 2009 thanks to DS9 stories constantly occurring within crossovers recently! New titles on Amazon are:

New Deep Space 9
DS9: The Missing, by Una McCormack (January 2015)
TOS: Foul Deeds Will Rise, by Greg Cox (December 2014)
Section 31: Disavowed, by David Mack (November 2014)
Voyager: Acts of Contrition, by Kirsten Beyer (October 2014)
DS9: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found), by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann (September 2014)
Recent author interviews have also revealed new details of books to come. TrekCore talked to Kirsten Beyer about Protectors, and also got her to discuss the next books in the Voyager relaunch, including revealing the working title of the third book in the current Voyager trilogy; following Protectors, and Acts of Contrition, will be Atonement. Speaking about Acts of Contrition, Beyer gave this summary:
We’re going deep into the Worlds of the First Quadrant. If you know me at all, you should probably assume that’s not going to go terribly smoothly. We’re also going to continue to explore the catomic plague, and of course, Seven’s reunion with Axum. Doctor Sharak gets more development and a familiar face for Voyager fans who we haven’t see much of in the relaunch helps with that.

For Acts of Contrition, I decided to try my hand at writing the first actual scene ever written almost completely in Tamarian in any of the books. I sort of like how it turned out, so I hope others will too. Tom Paris will face his mother in mediation and that story will be resolved…mostly. And yes, we will learn more about the alliances being formed in the Delta Quadrant between former enemies that seem determined to undermine the fleet.

There’s a lot going on. One of the most consistent complaints I’m seeing about Protectors is that it felt too much like a set-up for another story. It was. I hope folks will be more understanding when they see how much more there is to come and how it all builds from what began in Protectors and is ultimately resolved in the final book.
Beyer also had lots to say about what she explored in Protectors, visit TrekCore for the full interview. Meanwhile TrekFM's Literary Treks podcast also interviewed an author recently, the newest contributor to the world of Star Trek, John Jackson Miller, who made his debut last month with the Titan ebook, Absent Enemies. One thing revealed in the interview was that Miller also started work in the Trekverse much earlier; he was set to write a novella for the Corps of Engineers series, but wasn't able to proceed when the series was cancelled!

While the interview was mainly focused on Absent Enemies, including comparisons with writing Star Wars, and decisions made when considering the shorter format of the novella, Miller did also look forward to his forthcoming Aventine novel, which he revealed will also feature the Enterprise-E, and characterised the book as a "sprawling adventure story".

Finally, Cross Cult have recently announced that, in August, they will be releasing a hardcover omnibus of their German translations of David Mack's Destiny trilogy. They have released cover art, which uses the triptych of covers from their versions of the individual books. Talking to my German expert, Jens Deffner, the point was raised that this could have been an opportunity for Cross Cult to update their translations to reflect the tweaks Mack made to Destiny when the US omnibus edition was release. Alas Jens believes they will be sticking with their existing translations.


Unknown said...

Actually, regarding "Foul Deeds Will Rise" (Greg Cox's upcoming TOS novel), Cox has confirmed that it takes place at some point between the films Star Trek V and Star Trek VI aboard the Enterprise-A, and focuses upon both Kirk and Chekov's characters.

Also according to Cox, it is set between 2287-2290, since Commander Sulu will still be aboard the starship as helmsman/XO during the novel. Very much looking forward to this one.

8of5 said...

Cool, thanks Nisus8, where did Greg say all this??

Unknown said...

Hey, 8of5 -- Greg went into more detail on "Foul Deeds" over on the TrekBBS Literature boards a few weeks back, and dropped some more info on us about it:


Pocket's release schedule is looking mighty fine this year...

8of5 said...

Thanks nisus8! It is indeed a nice mixed bunch this year :)

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