Tuesday 18 March 2014

Trek-wear: Picard jacket, combadges, belts, and high fashion

Here's the latest news from the assorted Star Trek clothiers. Starting with Anovos' latest uniform replica, the Captain Picard jacket. Here's what they have to say about this piece:
Designed by Robert Blackman with direct input from Sir Patrick Stewart himself, Captain Picard’s Jacket was intended to make the Captain stand out from the rest of the crew -- just as Captain Kirk’s wraparound tunics had a generation before. We all wanted it the first time we saw it on El-Adrel, and by the time Jean-Luc plays the first notes of “Kamin’s Song” we had to have it.

Having examined a screen-used jacket, we duplicated the patterning and precise color of the original down to a tee.

We then sourced the correct synthetic fiber for the body, microsuede for the shoulders, satin interior lining for comfort, and finished it with a zipper closure so you can recreate the different adventures in which Captain Picard wore this stunning jacket.
As ever Anovos are offering a discount for earl pre-orders, with the first twenty-five customers getting their jackets for $225, rising to eventual full price of $300 for those who nab the final few of the edition of one-hundred.

Of course you'll need a combadge to go with this, and while QMx provide a very shiny replica, maybe you'll be interested in something more interactive? Well, you're in luck, Forbidden Planet have recently added listings for TNG and Voyager combadges on the way from Bif Bang Pow. The new plastic props feature a chirp sound effect when you tap them, and are expected to open hailing frequencies in December.

Continue after the jump for more Star Trek stuff you can wear, with a look at the latest Star Trek belts, and details of a new design competition:

Amazon now have listings up for four new designs in Buckle Down's range of Star Trek seatbelt belts. There are two new retro-style designs, and two designs making the latest addition to the Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory crossover range:

Finally, Her Universe, designers of girly geeky stuff, have launched a competition to design sci-fi inspired high fashion for their Geek Couture fashion show at the San Diego Comic Con this year. You can find full details of the competition via Her Universe, including more example designs from other franchises, like these Kirk and tribble inspired Star Trek ones:

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