Sunday 9 March 2014

Anovos' Admiral Kirk uniform

Anovos have announced their second The Wrath of Khan uniform replica, following their initial Captain Spock offering, they now have Admiral Kirk's uniform available for pre-order. As before, they have recreated every detail, as they describe:
The result of years of research and development, this uniform is the most accurate and complex garment we have ever offered -- even for a Standard Line Offering. Admiral Kirk’s Standard Uniform boasts the same level of quality and attention to detail found in our Captain Spock Standard Uniform, but adds the Flag Officer details only seen in Admiral Kirk’s Uniform.

No expense was spared in our research and development of Admiral Kirk's Standard Uniform. Not only were costume designer Robert Fletcher’s iconic uniforms examined from a plethora of reference material, we went so far as to reverse engineer a screen used Star Trek II uniform from our personal archives.

Our Admiral Kirk Standard Uniform uses a custom milled and dyed cavalry twill which replicates the look and feel of the original uniform’s wool élastique, while being more comfortable, durable, and cost effective. We also added the correct gold soutache trim on the jacket and pant to signify a Flag Officer of Admiral Kirk’s rank, as well as the distinctive black and gold check (Rear Admiral) ribbon to the left arm as only seen in The Wrath of Khan movie. Lastly, we recreated the Officer’s Chest Insignia, rank accouterments, and lapel chain from original screen used examples as physical reference. Thus creating the most accurate representation of rank, badges, and chain without the distortions of time from mould shrinkage or interpretation. Every detail was scrutinized and sourced to provide you our most exacting uniform to date.
As with previous release, Anovos are offering the uniform on tiered pre-order, with the first eighty at $1150, stepping up as each tier sells out to the final price of $1400. Continue after the jump for more images.

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