Saturday 11 May 2013

Rubie's Harrison and Klingon costumes have previewed the latest additions to Rubie's Star Trek costume range. Based on Star Trek Into Darkness there are variously sized Harrison coat and shirt sets, as well as the Starfleet undershirt on its own, and Klingon costumes. Here are the Klingons, check out Harrison after the jump:



Unknown said...

Pretty much what I was expecting from these...the shiny Harrison jacket might be worth getting...maybe. Depends on exactly how cheap that material feels in-person.

What I'm really curious to see, are the weapons they're releasing. Most especially the Klingon disruptor. That I'll most likely get.

8of5 said...

They will of course be very brightly coloured weapons! But the previous ones looked pretty accurate aside from the colour.

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