Friday 24 May 2013

After Darkness, Part One preview

Out next week is Star Trek ongoing issue twenty-one, the first comic set after Into Darkness, which is part one of the three part After Darkness story. The art for this comic sequel to the film is coming from Stellar Labs, who previously illustrated Mirrored, the two-part mirror universe story in the series. The Atomeka Press Facebook page posted a new cover from Stellar Labs, specifically the artists Garrie Gastonny and Ifansyah Noor according to the Stellar Labs Twitter account. Not sure which issue this will be used on yet:

That cover art gives a subtle hint of the direction After Darkness is going, and Comic Book Resources have revealed even more, in a nine page preview from issue one! Have a read, the story picks up events from both Into Darkness and Countdown to Darkness (and continues after the jump):


If you missed it before, a couple of other preview pages were released last week. Pre-orders for the series:

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