Monday 6 May 2013

Red Squad appear in Star Trek ongoing comic #20 preview have posted a preview of this week's issue twenty, titled Red Level Down, of the Star Trek ongoing comic series, the last in the run of flashback stories before the series picks up events after Into Darkness, with the first part of After Darkness. This issue focuses on both Sulu and Chekov, with Red Squad appearing to cause trouble for the former. Here's the cover, which you can also see without the titles, on Ryall's Files:

I'm a little disappointed to see in the seven-page preview below, what appears to be a different first encounter between Kirk and Chekov to that depicted already in the Starfleet Academy novel The Gemini Agent. They also didn't bother to borrow Chekov's habit of running barefoot from that book. So much for dreaming they might try and maintain a consistent continuity between the nuTrek tie-ins... If you're willing to squint past those discontinuities I'm sure it will all add up to a perfectly enjoyable extra incite into the nuTrek Academy though. Preview continues after the jump:


See the massive Starfleet delta at the Federation Day event location? I'm sure they must have shipped that over from the Into Darkness London premier (image via Digital Spy):

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