Saturday 18 May 2013

Check out Star Trek Into Darkness concept art

Star Trek Into Darkness production designer, Scott Chambliss, has posted a gallery of concept art, set photos, and behind the scenes images, showing off his work on the film as part of his online portfolio. Hopefully these will soon make their way to a book, similar to the previous film's Star Trek: The Art of the Film. But until then, I've picked out a few of my favourites below, including some really nice images of the USS Vengeance, Nibiru, Qo'noS, new Enterprise sets, and some of the other ships and locations in the film. Check out the full gallery on Scott Chambliss' website. And if you've not seen the film yet, watch out for spoilers!

I'll start with some USS Vengeance concept art, more after the jump:


Nibiru looks particularly attractive in the concept art, I share Doctor McCoy's frustration of not getting to see that beach!


Qo'noS also looks pretty spectacular, and quite Star Warsy in places:


Here's Mudd's ship:


Some of the new USS Enterprise sets:


And the ships and locations of Earth:



Maurice Mitchell said...

Great find! I'm pretty sure I recognize Ryan Church's work.

Unknown said...

Can I buy a hi res image of a ST interior to use as a background wall poster for any future teleconferences?

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