Friday 24 May 2013

Enterprise Season 2 and Into Darkness bluray covers

Amazon has posted pre-order listings for Enterprise, Season Two on bluray, including new cover art work. The overall blue colour scheme from the previously released cover has been kept, but we now have busts of the crew instead of full height shots, with the Enterprise and the Earth added to the foreground:

Meanwhile Amazon in the UK and Germany have updated their listings for Into Darkness on DVD and bluray with different cover art. Both are still labeled as not final. The UK cover has been switched to the UK version of the international poster (rather than the teaser poster seen on the last set of drafts), while the new German covers use the standard international poster. Here is an example of both, they are essentially the same across the different formats in each country:

UK pre-orders: 3D bluray, bluray, DVD.

German pre-orders: 3D bluray, bluray, DVD.

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