Wednesday 22 May 2013

Latest additions to the Trekkies' wardrobe

There's a pretty constant stream of Star Trek T-shirts and other clothing from licensees all around the world. Here are some of the recent highlights for the discerning Trekkieista. Starting with one of the coolest Star Trek clothing makers, Her Universe, who cater exclusively for female trekkies. Their latest Star Trek T-shirt has a great all-the-way-round Khaaaaaan print:

All new from Her Universe is the latest variation on the TOS uniform, a command-style dress:

ThinkGeek are offering another variation of the uniform, their latest T-shirts have the division colours, with a TNG badge:

As part of a co-branding effort between CBS and Warner Brothers we've already seen Starfleet uniformed Big Bang Theory Wacky Wobblers, and now we're going to get a load of T-shirts too. Including this one of the Big Bang Theory boys in Starfleet uniforms:

This one of a range of designs from Ripple Junction, which will be available from Hot Topic. You can see a few more designs on

Continue after the jump for red-shirts, Gold Key, retro, and Into Darkness designs...

The ever-popular red-shirt gets his latest T-shirt treatment, with this nice new recruitment poster style design from Freeze:

In the UK, Plastic Head have launched a new range of Star Trek clothing, featuring retro TOS designs, including Gold Key comics covers like these:

Amazon UK have the entire range available, which includes T-shirts, jumpers and hoodies. Meanwhile in Australia, Totally Irreverent, who have also previously done Gold Key designs, have expanded their range of retro Trek shirts, including their first TNG design, featuring Picard:

You can see Totally Irreverent's full range on their website. Finally Trevco have launched a new range of Into Darkness T-shirts. They mainly just use the promo-photos on various combinations. The most effective design is probably Harrison in the brig, which becomes a sort of window in the shirt:

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