Tuesday 28 May 2013

Latest Trek gadgets: USB, iphone, and gaming

A few new Star Trek gadgety bits to share with you. Starting with the fifth character to join the Star Trek Mimobot range of USB stick people. This time Mr Sulu joins the crew, in a limited edition of 1000. Like the other characters he is available in a variety of capacities. In fact the highest capacity Sulu can hold twice that of the best of the previous four, with options ranging from eight to one-hundred-and-twenty-eight gigabytes, as well as a thirty-two gigabyte USB3 version. He looks like this:

Also good for when you're on the go are the latest Star Trek iphone cases. We've seen quite a few Trek iphone cases before, but these ones are a cut above the previous printed designs, using real fabric and 3D badges to make your phones look like TNG uniforms. PowerA have released all three TNG uniform colours, and according to StarTrek.com have plans for TOS designs later in the year.

Finally, for when you're back home, and have drained your PS3 or X-box 360 controllers playing Star Trek: The Video Game, Will Technology have released new console controller docks; to recharge your controllers, while perched above a curiously distorted version of the USS Enterprise saucer:


Josh said...

I got the Kirk USB one for my birthday. I plug it into my laptop and Kirk's face is facing down so I can't see it. The drive light is between his legs on his butt so each time it flashes he has yellow light blink between his butt cheeks. Now i see why he faces down and not having the light on the other side ;)

8of5 said...

Funny how they don't go out of their way to promote that particular feature...

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