Thursday 23 May 2013

New Hot Wheels starships' boxes

The new series of Star Trek Hot Wheels starships, the USS Vengeance, USS Kelvin, USS Excelsior, and nuKlingon Bird of Prey are starting to appear at retailers. Ebay seller Steve's NW Collectibles has offered all four, and posted photos of the packaging with its listings.

Interesting to see the new-style franchise packaging applied with TOS ships and characters on the Excelsior, so it fits right in with the nuTrek ships. Quite funny how the background on the Excelsior also omits the lens flare element used on the other ships' boxes!


In other little ships news, The Official Starships Collection Facebook page posted the first image of their USS Reliant and Vor'cha class models (the latter unpainted), which should be coming as issues eleven and twenty of the series, so will be out some time next year. You can also see in the background the refit USS Enterprise, which is issue two. They look pretty good!

For more information on the Starships Collection, check out my recent report, and for more images of the Hot Wheels ships out of the boxes, see my articles on the Kelvin, Excelsior, Vengeance and Bird of Prey.


Unknown said...

The packaging for the Hot Wheels ships definitely looks better than my first look at it. Might be worth keeping these in-box. That said, if the stands are of at least half-decent quality, I'll probably open them.

8of5 said...

No fun keeping them in boxes! No swooshing!

David Quinn said...

Does anyone know what retail stores are carrying these? I've been searching Walmart, meijer, target, and TRU, and found nothing. TRU is the only store I've found that even has any new Trek merchandise.

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