Monday 13 May 2013

New Fighter Pod images

Amazon has posted new high quality images of the final of the four Fighter Pods Attack Pods, the "Star Surger". According to the packaging, and the Fighter Pods leaflet, this is meant to come with Spock as the set figure. But as you can see, it is packaged with a Klingon in the non-random figure area. The images of the Blade Blaster had the same oddity, with the Klingon it is meant to come with being swapped for Spock. The three randomly selected figures photographed with with particular version of the Star Surger are McCoy, another Klingon, and the alien called Dexter.


Having now seen Into Darkness, I can imagine a way in which these weirdly un-Trek-like Attack Pods could have been inspired by the film. It's a bit of a stretch though... See the rest of the range in my previous two reports.

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